JCU & SHU Live Streaming Event

On March 26-29, John Cabot University once again participated in a live streaming project with Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA, one of our partner universities!

A monitor and webcam were set up in the lobby of JCU’s Guarini campus so that our students could communicate live with SHU students during Social Justice Week.

Despite the time difference of six hours, they made it work. Students on both sides of the live streaming stopped by on their way to and from class to stand in front of the camera and chat with their peers on the other side of the ocean.

Messages were exchanged via whiteboard and friends were made. We even met some students who will be coming to study abroad at JCU in the fall!

This initiative strengthened our bond with SHU and highlighted some of the founding pillars of John Cabot University: inclusion and connectivity across borders.

Student Spotlight