How to Showcase Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume

Universities in Italy, How to Showcase Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume, study abroad in rome, john cabot university

Your time abroad can give you much more than memories to last a lifetime. While you work hard to earn your credits with your new international group of friends, you’ll also be developing key life skills that can translate into long-term career success.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad, you might have already imagined how wonderful it can be to do so in a beautiful cultural city like Rome. Here at John Cabot University (JCU), our students spend their time studying amidst some of the most spectacular and historically significant art and architecture the world has to offer. However, it’s also important for students to consider how their time abroad will translate into employment and further opportunities down the road.

With some simple strategies, you can showcase your study abroad experience on your resume in a way employers will appreciate! Read on to learn our top tips.

Recognize the Real-World Skills You Get From a Study Abroad Experience

To make the most out of your time abroad, be open to the particular ways this experience can help you develop as a person. Keep an open mind to this transformation, and take note of any circumstances you encounter abroad that challenge you or teach you something new.

Independence, time management, money management, and adaptability are some of the most common traits study abroad students develop throughout their time away from home. It takes independence to navigate a new city with confidence, and time and money management to make your travel budget last. Adapting to a new cultural climate is also great exercise for social skills and personal flexibility you can put to work when settling into a new work environment and adapting to the particular schedule and tasks it entails.

No matter what you choose to study, you can broaden your perspective on the world and interact with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Whether you take this time to learn about art, economics, study history in Italy or otherwise, simply taking the initiative to challenge yourself abroad can turn you into the motivated self-starter employers are looking for.

Universities in Italy, How to Showcase Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume, study abroad in rome, john cabot university, international students

Students from all over the world come together to study at John Cabot University in Italy

Strategically Describe Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume

It’s smart to list your time abroad in the “education” section of your resume, or under its own subheading, such as “international experience.”

While many employers will recognize the inherent value of a study abroad experience, be sure to include a few points along with your program name, country, and dates of study to explain why this experience is relevant to the job at hand.

You can do this by framing your international university experience in terms of job skills. Some skills and traits developed studying abroad that are transferable to the job search include:

  • Language and intercultural communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Global awareness
  • Increased confidence and responsibility
  • Networking skills
  • Research and writing skills
  • Photography skills

And of course, tailor the skills you mention on your resume to suit the job you’re applying for. By customizing your resume to reflect the particular job opening at hand, it’s easier to prove that you’re the ideal candidate. For example, a marketing career hopeful might write “developed networking and intercultural communication skills” under their international experience subheading, strategically informing potential employers of how their experience abroad can apply to working with clients from diverse international backgrounds.

Go the Extra Mile While Studying at Universities in Italy with Extra-Curriculars

When you study abroad, there are dozens of exciting extra-curricular opportunities to explore. Clubs and teams can help you hone your leadership skills. Guest speakers and symposiums can give you insights into your chosen professional field.

At schools like JCU, you can even get an internship while you study abroad. For example, those who study art history in Rome can intern at some of Rome’s museums and galleries, putting their knowledge into practice and gaining valuable job experience.

Universities in Italy, How to Showcase Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume, study abroad in rome, john cabot university, international students, STAND jcu

JCU students work together on their student anti-genocide coalition, STAND

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