House Hunting in Rome: How to Find an Off-Campus Apartment

Although John Cabot University Housing is an excellent option for JCU students (location within walking distance from campus, beautiful courtyards, study rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness center…), many students opt to find off-campus apartments on their own.

House Hunting in Rome, How to Find an Off-Campus Apartment, housing in Trastevere, John cabot housing, study abroad in Rome, housing for study abroad studentsThere are two ways to find apartments: either by going through an agency or by searching through the online classifieds. The main differences are that agencies require an additional fee, which is set to a month’s worth of rent, and often require longer terms of stay (6 to 24 months). Feel free to roam around Trastevere if you would rather use an agency- there are several near Piazza della Scala and Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Off-campus apartments are relatively easy to find online as well. JCU’s facebook page and closed Facebook groups (JCU Undergraduate and Study Abroad groups) are great places to post about apartments and find potential roommates.

Here are some of the websites and agencies which are used by JCU alumni and current students.*

  • Wanted in Rome:
    • This website is fully in English and targets Expats specifically. The layout is pretty straightforward; simply click on Classifieds (on the far left) and then navigate to “accommodation vacant in town” or “rooms and flat shares.”
  • Craigslist:
    • Click on housing to view available apartments and rooms. As you would with Craigslist in any city, be careful to avoid posts that appear fraudulent!
  • EasyStanza:
    • EasyStanza is an Italian website that allows you to create a profile to browse available rooms and post your own classifieds. Simply click the dropdown arrow on the top right corner to change the language!
  • Trovit:
    • Trovit is used by many locals and is entirely in Italian. However, you may simply copy paste the link in Google Translator and browse at ease. In order to find an apartment, click on “Houses for Rent” and then type the area in which you wish to find the apartment.
  • TecnoCasa:
    • Tecno Casa is also an Italian website. Simply follow the same method used for Trovit and click on “Your Property”, then click on “Rental” and fill out the search boxes.
  • Porta Portese:
    • Porta Portese is an agency which advertises online and is useful for those with some knowledge of Italian. Use the same method used in the previous websites and browse over to “Real Estate.”

Apartment prices range, depending on the area you choose. The closest neighborhoods to JCU are Trastevere, Monteverde, Campo de’ Fiori, Vaticano, Navona, Prati, Piramide and Testaccio. Less expensive apartments can be found in other areas – as long as you don’t mind a longer commute! Apartments in these areas typically run:

  • Single apartments range from €800 to €1400.
  • Two bedroom apartments range from €1000 to €2500.
  • Large apartments range from €1500 to €3000.
House Hunting in Rome, How to Find an Off-Campus Apartment, housing in Trastevere, John cabot housing, study abroad in Rome, housing for study abroad students

Remember to negotiate with the seller, and be very clear about your stay – many sellers will not rent if they know you will leave within a couple of months. Deposits range between a month’s rent and two month’s rent (by law they may ask up to three). Be sure to keep the apartment as clean and neat as possible- any excuse is valid for the owner to keep your deposit!

*These websites are not endorsed by John Cabot University. These websites are the most commonly used search engines by people looking for apartments in Rome.

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