GI Bill Testimonial: Bailey Ward, Class of 2021

If you’re thinking about earning your undergraduate degree abroad using the GI Bill, John Cabot University is the perfect place to do that. I am lucky enough to use this program to support my undergraduate education at JCU. After living in Naples, Italy, for three years and graduating from high school there, I decided to move a few hours north to Rome to continue my studies. There were many reasons for this choice, but among the main ones was JCU’s acceptance of the GI Bill. Since starting at JCU in 2017, my family and I have experienced professional and efficient service, removing any doubts or worries we may have had about studying at an American university abroad. Even when bureaucratic problems occurred as they sometimes do, everything was solved with ease and cooperation by JCU’s Office of Financial Aid.

John Cabot is an intriguing choice for any student who wants to have a unique American university experience in an international setting. For children of service members, or service members themselves, JCU offers several parallels to life on an overseas military base.

First, JCU is a collection of students from around the world. Many students come from North America and Europe, but many also come from South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. This diverse mix of students with common values and a common language creates a dynamic that mimics the military, where one meets Americans (or those who choose the American educational system) from “sea to shining sea”.

Second, JCU’s incredible location creates social, work, and travel opportunities that can be life-changing. Friendships can become lifelong, internships can become careers, and trips can become unforgettable memories. For those who like to take risks, broaden their horizons, and take advantage of the opportunities given to them: great rewards await.  Of course, all of the above is certainly true in a lot of universities. But what sets JCU apart from the rest is its dynamic environment. Meeting friends at JCU is more than just learning about a new culture; it means learning to think differently. Interning at a company in Rome may mean more than laying the groundwork for a future career in Europe; it could mean discovering a totally new vocation or passion. Lastly, traveling can be more than just a pleasurable vacation; it may mean acquiring knowledge about the rest of the world. Such possibilities are very similar to the service life. By taking full advantage of opportunities, service members and students both enrich their lives within and outside their work.

I’ve just finished my fourth semester at JCU, and I’m slowly learning how to approach my experience here in the above ways. I want to make sure that I take full advantages of university life, while setting up my future in a productive way.  John Cabot University, and the GI Bill that has given me the opportunity to study here, have greatly helped me strive toward this objective.

Bailey Ward
Major in International Business and Marketing
Class of 2021
Hometown: Pacific Grove, California

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