Cultural Differences between Russians and Italians

Italian vs. Russian Time
Russians go very fast compared to Italians. Life in Italy is very slow. While Italians enjoy la dolce vita taking life one bit at a time, Russians are always in hurry, afraid not to be on time. When an Italian spots an acquaintance on the street, he might spend a whole hour talking about health, family, a new restaurant across the street, new Gucci shoes… The only thing you should expect from a Russian is a smile or a shy “hi”.

Also, Russians are way more punctual than Italians (no offence!). If you are supposed to meet with a Roman at 12:00pm, there is no need to show up before 12:30pm. On the other hand, a Russian would be at the right place 15 minutes early. If you get there on time or 5 minutes late, the Russian wouldn’t probably tell you off, but he would definitely give you a look that would make you hate yourself.

Russians are more of “tea people” compared to Italians, and the only coffee they drink is from Starbucks. So, instead than a quick espresso, the Russian coffee experience would be something like a double caramel chocolate macchiato with whipped cream and strawberry sauce on top with a drop of actual coffee.

At the Beach
What is it with not going in the water after lunch? Italian mothers are crazy about this rule, while Russians would swim after lunch, before lunch, and even during lunch.

Holiday Celebrations
For Russians the New Year celebration is such a big deal. Compared to Christmas, it is much louder and fancier. Russians would wear only new clothes, according to the Russian expression “The way you meet a new year is the way you will spend it”.
In Italy people love food so much that they spend an unhealthy amount of time talking about cooking and eating. Russians do love food, but they do not talk about it 24/7. They prefer complaining about the government, their soccer team, and the weather.

Most of the Russians can’t wait to leave their mother country for vacation. They go to the Alps if they like the mountains, or to Turkey and Egypt for a sea vacation, even though Russia has both the sea and the mountains. Most Italians, instead, prefer not to go abroad but to travel within the country, which is understandable considering how beautiful Italy is!

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Anastasiia Komarova
Communications Major
Class of 2018
Hometown: Moscow, Russia

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