Become a part of America’s 1%

… That is, the 1% of U.S. students who study abroad each year.

JCU Student, Become a part of America's 1%, study abroad in Rome, American university in ItalyStudying abroad is an increasingly popular phenomenon for American students for good reason.  Visiting students at John Cabot University integrate into our international community of professors and students from over 70 countries, where they become equipped to adapt to new environments, communicate across cultural barriers, and solve problems that may arise while navigating life in Rome and in their future careers.

Beyond the skills that study abroad students develop while acclimating to a new environment, studies are increasingly showing that these study abroad alumni are faring better in the job market: according to recent studies, students who study abroad are more likely to find employment after graduation.  A survey of Human Resources executive showed that study abroad experience is viewed positively on the other side of the hiring table: according to a study conducted by Global HR News, 2/3 of HR executives noted that study abroad experience distinguishes job applicants from students who remained in their own country, and 8 out of 10 HR executives believed that an international education experience is an important factor when considering placing a job applicant in a job overseas.

Although JCU aims to create independent global citizens, our students will always have the JCU Career Services Center as a resource when finding internships and jobs post-graduation.  The Career Center hosts job fairs each semester for our graduating seniors and study abroad students, will work directly with graduates to help them find employment (click here to read testimonials from former interns!), and will provide career counseling to students who need help creating their C.V.s and crafting cover letters.

In today’s increasingly global job market, an international academic experience may be the key factor in landing your first job after graduation.  At John Cabot University students gain not only international experience to add to their resumes, but they also gain membership into JCU’s 10,000+ member alumni network which will help secure jobs and connections that will remain a critical resource throughout their future careers.

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