An Experience of a Lifetime: Gap Year at John Cabot University

Gap year is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon all over the world.  After spending so many consecutive years in school, it is a chance to take a mental and geographical break while discovering what one is capable of.  Many students choose to spend their gap year volunteering or working abroad, traveling with friends, or taking part in a program through which they are able to get to know another language and culture.


John Cabot University’s version of gap year is an interesting opportunity for the student who wants to explore a new culture without adding an extra year to his or her university timeline.  JCU gap year students are able to study abroad at JCU for an entire year, where they are able to take classes that interest them instead of classes that fulfill requirements, and are ultimately able to apply to earn their degree at John Cabot University or transfer their credits to another four year university.

Gap year students live in JCU residences and take classes taught in English with American, Italian, and international degree seeking and study abroad students.  Outside of class, gap year students are immersed in student life, where they can join student organizations, go on student trips and excursions, take part in our community service programs, and make friends from all over the world.  And although our gap year students are granted the opportunity to experience university life in a major metropolitan city, JCU’s small class sizes, community atmosphere, and one-on-one time with professors and student services ensure that our students receive the extra attention they need.


Gap year students at JCU get the best of both worlds: they are able immerse themselves in a different culture, make friends from all over the world, travel throughout Italy with JCU Student Services or throughout Europe with their new friends, and earn college credits that can ultimately be used toward a four-year university degree.

To learn more about spending your gap year at John Cabot University, email [email protected].

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