Alumni Spotlight: Myles Hooper, Class of 2015

My name is Myles, and I am originally from California. I graduated from John Cabot University in December 2015.

Student Life

When I was in high school, I attended an exchange program called SYA. Through that, I had the opportunity to live in the city of Viterbo for my junior year of high school. While I was studying there, I had the opportunity to meet some of John Cabot University’s recruiters. At the time, they were looking for international high school students in Italy who might be interested in attending university there full-time.

I decided to enroll, and before I knew it I was at JCU pursuing a degree in Political Science with a minor in History.

For me, personally, the best part about studying at John Cabot University was the cultural immersion. At most American universities, students have the opportunity to study abroad–but only for one semester. I think that is a very short time in the grand scheme of things. Instead, John Cabot offers an enhanced experience for undergraduate students over the course of four years. This allows students to embrace the culture, to travel, and to enjoy Italy and the rest of Europe in depth.

JCU has very friendly professors, a great community, and a diverse student body with people from all around the globe! This–and so much more–offers a truly global experience in the heart of Rome.

After JCU

After graduating from JCU, I moved to Hong Kong to accept a job in wealth management and financial services. I spent several years in Asia and then went on to pursue my master’s degree in real estate at Cass Business School in London. John Cabot’s emphasis on travel and immersion really helped spur my interest to explore new cultures. Because of that, I was encouraged to tackle new environments and to adapt and thrive in foreign countries.

My degree in Political Science has given me a good sense of how human nature works, and that pertains directly to business success in my chosen field: real estate.

I am currently finishing my studies while also working part-time at Campus Properties, my family’s property development business. This role was the perfect continuation after my full-time role in Asia. My role, today, consists of conveying our business strategies to potential investors and sourcing new funds for our property development projects in the West Coast of the United States.

JCU Alumni

Myles Hooper
Class of 2015
Political Science Major and History Minor
From: California, USA

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