Alumni Spotlight: Armando Politano, Class of 2014

When I graduated from John Cabot University in 2014, I could not imagine how that experience of diversity would have broadened my horizons in my life and career. Thinking back on the time I spent in the heart of Rome, I am still very grateful for the blending and celebrating of different cultures at JCU, with its student body of more than 70 different nationalities. My name is Armando Politano and I am a proud JCU graduate with a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing.

An early understanding of the advantages of an international education is the primary step to becoming a world citizen. Surrounded by people with a diverse mindset and background, John Cabot University helped me develop cross-cultural communication skills with fellow students and professors, and allowed me to network with industry leaders during the Career Fairs that took place each semester. Indeed, the cultural sensitivity and teamwork capabilities matured through in-class discussions and group assignments turned out to be especially useful during my three years spent in Finland, first as Finance Trainee and then as Costing/Pricing Controller for the Lufthansa Group.

Today, I serve as Finance Manager at the Lufthansa Catering Headquarter in Frankfurt, where I moved in May 2017. In this vibrant European hub, I joined the team of the Emerging Markets region (Africa, India, Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, and Turkey). So far, the journey has been extremely interesting, touching a variety of new cultures, currencies, and time zones across 11 different countries. This colorful reality constantly adds value to my personal and professional growth in a unique way, while I fill my days with business topics ranging from financial data consolidation or airline tender management to the implementation of start-up projects. In this sense, engaging with a diverse group of individuals at John Cabot University offered me the possibility to explore ideas and solutions from different angles, enhancing my problem-solving skills and sharpening my decision-making attitude. In my current work setting, I continue to build on that as I productively interact with my colleagues, whether it is a hallway conversation in Frankfurt or a team meeting in Johannesburg.

Experience with diversity is an alternative source of knowledge and a fundamental prerequisite to drive business performance and organizational creativity in any work context. Through its educational mission, John Cabot University promotes a valid academic culture of social openness and a student-centered approach to prepare young and ambitious generations for the road to worldwide success. Its diverse community inspired me to understand myself as a future leader and acquire lifelong learning abilities in an increasingly multicultural work environment.

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Armando Politano
Major in Business Administration, minor in Marketing
Class of 2014
Hometown: Avellino, Italy

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