6 Things Graduates Should Do Before Leaving Rome

Less than a week from today, John Cabot University’s Class of 2019 will graduate at the beautiful Villa Aurelia in Rome! Are you ready?

That may seem like a trick question. I know for some students, they may never feel ready for this phase of their lives to end. But on the other hand, they are so ready for the next chapter to begin.

No matter where you stand on that spectrum, the truth is, graduating from JCU will be one of the most memorable, beautiful, emotional celebrations of your life. And it’s important to really commemorate the event by taking the time to say goodbye to your life in Rome before you move on to the next place.

For those leaving Rome after graduation, there are a few things you should do before you go!

Here are 6 things every JCU graduate should do before leaving Rome:

JCU Rome Graduation

1. Say goodbye to your favorite professors

One thing that makes JCU so special is the relationship that students have with their professors. They are more than just teachers. They become real friends, mentors, and supporters who will cheer you on as you leave your undergraduate life behind. It is not uncommon for John Cabot students to grab coffee with their professors after class to continue chatting about their lectures, ask for advice on their upcoming assignments, or just talk about life. So before you leave the Eternal City, make sure to meet up with your favorite professors one last time!

2. Visit that one place on your list you never got around to seeing

We all know that in Rome, the list of sights to see is endless. There are so many museums, monuments, ancient ruins, churches, and galleries to explore. So now is your chance to finally check out that one place that you never got around to visiting. Don’t leave Rome without seeing everything you had intended to! If you do, you might regret it later. Whether you’ve been dying to see the Sistine Chapel, the Baths of Caracalla, or the inside of the Castel Sant’Angelo, make sure to set aside a few hours and just go do it!

3. Have the best meal of your life

Go to your favorite restaurant in the city with your closest friends, and have the best meal of your life! You may not realize now how much you will miss genuine, authentic Italian food…but trust me, you will. Go enjoy your favorite Roman dishes, and splurge on a multiple-course dinner. You only graduate from university once! Not only will the food be excellent, but so will the company and the atmosphere. After you eat, go for a walk together to your favorite hangout spots. If you and your friends always loved to sit by the Trevi Fountain at night, sit there and chat one last time. If you had a tradition of strolling down Via Condotti window-shopping, do that one last time all together.

4. Go to your favorite “alone spot” in Rome

We all have that special spot we go to when we want to be alone. Head to that spot and sit quietly by yourself for a while. Reflect on all that has happened over the past few years. It may be a park where you always went jogging, or a favorite piazza where you loved to sit and just people-watch. Whatever the place is, allow yourself to enjoy it one last time. You can even take a notebook and write down some of your favorite memories from your undergraduate years. You will be glad later that you took the time to do this, and that you recorded your thoughts.

5. Take one final walk around campus


At John Cabot University, Rome – and more specifically, Trastevere – is your campus. Before you leave, you’ll want to take one final walk around the neighborhood you have come to know and love. It truly has become your home. Stroll through your favorite side streets, stop at your favorite coffee bar, and of course stop in at the Guarini, Tiber, and Critelli campuses.

6. Write out your goals for the next year

Your first year after graduation is one of change; you will definitely be leaving your comfort zone. But it is also one of hope and new opportunity. Take the time before you leave to write out your goals for the next year. Where would you like to see yourself a year from now? How will you apply your John Cabot education and experience to the next phase of your life?

Ad majora!

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