5 Essentials To Find In Your Roman Neighborhood

Moving to Rome can be an adjustment, especially if it’s your first time living in a foreign country. But when you earn your degree at John Cabot University, you will be surrounded by a wonderful community and plenty of useful resources. Housing and Residential life, Student Services, and Health and Wellbeing are only a few offices on campus dedicated to making your transition into college and life in Rome an easy one.

Upon your arrival to your new home, these offices, along with your Navigation 101 leaders, will give you some guidance on getting around the Eternal City. They will offer a few tips and pointers on the Italian way of life and how to make the most of your next few years here. However, it’s also important to get to know your way around your neighborhood. Whether you will be living in one of JCU Housing or in your own city apartment, you should take the time to explore what your part of town has to offer.

Roman Neighborhood, John Cabot University

Here are 5 essential things to find in your neighborhood when you move to Rome:

1. A Good Grocery Store / Marketplace

A place to buy food is probably the first thing you will look for after moving into your new apartment. Luckily, in Trastevere–and all over Rome for that matter–there is a wide variety of grocery stores, convenience stores, and open air markets. Take the time to walk around the streets surrounding your apartment and find the closest one. Another great tip to remember is that you can also buy bread, meats, and cheeses at specialty shops around town as well.

2. Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Life in Rome is not complete without coffee. Italian coffee culture is an integral part of the everyday lifestyle, so once you’re settled in your apartment, you should seek to find the perfect café in your neighborhood. Chances are there will be quite a few on your street or around the corner. For your first few days, you can try a different one out each day and find the one you like the best.

3. A Restaurant with Good Takeaway Pizza

While you will be cooking a lot in your new apartment, you will also most likely be eating out a lot. Before you know it, you will have chosen your favorite Roman pasta dishes and other local delicacies, and of course, you will also be eating a lot of pizza. One essential thing to pin down in your neighborhood is a quality pizzeria that has good, inexpensive takeaway pizza. This will be the perfect dinner, lunch, late-night study snack, and comfort food.

Neighborhood Pizza, John Cabot University

4. A Cozy Piazza

The streets of Trastevere are full of quaint alleyways and gorgeous piazzas. When you live in Rome, you will find yourself walking and exploring these streets a lot. And you will also find yourself stopping to take in all of the beauty that surrounds you. Make sure to claim one of these cozy piazzas as your own. Sit there and people watch after a long day of studying, meet your friends there, take photos of the buildings, or just sit on the steps of an old fountain. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, make sure to find your spot.

5. A Gelato Shop

It’s always a good time for a gelato. Sure, you might see a lot of gelaterias on the streets near your apartment, but don’t just settle for anything. Try them all out, experimenting with different flavors and combinations, and find the best one in the area. This will be the perfect place to get a treat on a hot day or whenever the mood strikes.

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