4 Reasons International Students in Italy Enjoy Rome’s Spring Season

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Rome during the spring is a truly wonderful time of the year. Temperatures are comfortable and the city lights up with bright flowers in bloom, festive celebrations, and delicious seasonal foods.

If this is your first spring as an international student in Rome, here are five reasons why this season might be your favorite.

1. International Students in Italy Know that Top Sites are Less Crowded in the Spring

Besides the busy Easter week when crowds flock to the Vatican, spring in Rome is an ideal time to explore the city before the summer tourists arrive. It’s often warm enough to enjoy top destinations like a stroll along the Appian Way or an afternoon scoping out the Colosseum. And, during the spring months these destinations are less crowded – making it easier for international students to enjoy their favorite spots without having to contend with long wait times.

It's easier for JCU students to visit their favorite sites during the spring when there are fewer tourists

It’s easier for JCU students to visit their favorite sites during the spring when there are fewer tourists

2. Seasonal Foods Bring New Options to Local Menus

Many restaurants in Rome offer certain menu items only when they’re in season and taste their best. That’s why in the spring, you might see more options with artichokes, fava beans, and asparagus – three top local veggies that are at their best this season.

As you enjoy a springtime meal at your favorite local restaurant, try opting for carciofi alla romana: artichokes done Roman-style. Or, you could opt to have your artichokes fried up by ordering carciofi alla giudia. Enjoy fava beans by ordering fave al guanciale, or simply scout out these in-season ingredients at a local market to add them to your recipes. Just be warned, wild and in-season asparagus might be a bit pricey!

3. Students at Colleges in Rome Celebrate Many Spring Festivals

During the spring, several top festivals, celebrations, and holidays take place in Rome and across the country, making it a perfect time for international students in Italy to enjoy the Eternal City. You could, for example, go on a museum-visiting spree during Rome’s Week of Culture, the Settimana della Cultura. It’s a time when museums offer free admission, and students and locals alike soak in the city’s extensive cultural attractions by visiting archeological sites, exhibits, and as many museums as they can fit into their schedules.

Another top not-to-be-missed event is Rome’s birthday (Natale di Roma) on April 21, when the Eternal City turns 2,769 years old! It’s a time when the Rome celebrates its rich history and its legendary founding through historical re-enactments, concerts, and even firework displays.

4. Flowers in Rome Make Spring a Beautiful Time for Study Abroad Students

If you’ve already visited the Spanish Steps during your study abroad stay, it might be worth seeing this top site again in May. That’s because during the spring, pots of beautiful azaleas decorate the steps with their gorgeous blooms.

JCU students revisit the Spanish Steps during the spring for an unforgettable sight

JCU students revisit the Spanish Steps during the spring for an unforgettable sight

The Spanish Steps aren’t the only popular destination for seeing flowers in full bloom. During the spring, many locals and students enjoy visiting Rome’s Rose Garden. This beautiful public garden, nestled on the Aventine Hill, houses over 1000 different varieties of roses – making it a perfect spot for a springtime stroll.

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