4 Foodie Tips You’ll Learn in Rome

Rome is the perfect foodie city. If you continuously seek delicious food, love trying new restaurants, or just enjoy quality ingredients, then Rome is the place for you. You will never be disappointed by the wonderful Italian cuisine. In fact, the Roman food culture goes far beyond traditional meals. When you study at John Cabot University, you will quickly integrate, learning foodie tips and tricks that only locals would know!

Foodie Culture

Here are 4 foodie tips you will learn when you study abroad in Rome:

1. The Perfect Panino

Rome is full of speciality panino shops–places that will make you a delicious sandwich. These shops are great, but once you are a local in Rome, you will discover the true, perfect panino. Next time you pass by a local cheese shop, you should try something that a tourist would never know to do. These cheese shops are usually family-run for generations, selling only the best, most authentic Italian cheeses, dairy products, and often times also salami and prosciutto. Even though they don’t have a panino menu, you can usually ask them to slice you a couple of pieces of cheese and meat and have them make a sandwich for you right on the spot. This is a perfect lunch or snack between classes that will cost you only a few Euros!

2. Cheaper Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you might notice that you are spending a lot of money at your local café, or bar as they are called in ItalianCoffees before class with friends, cappuccinos in the morning with your breakfast–while it is wonderful to sit at the corner coffee shop enjoying the Roman sun, there are ways to still get your caffeine fix while saving money. Instead of sitting at a table, having someone wait on you and paying a table service fee, just order it standing at the bar the next time you get a coffee craving. Culturally, it is very common to order an espresso at the bar, drink it quickly, chat with friends and colleagues, and then head out to the rest of your day. This way, you will save and look like a local at the same time.

3. Outdoor Markets

In Italy, the quality of ingredients is the most important part of a meal. This means that certain specialties can only be made during specific times of the year when these ingredients are in season. Therefore, if you really want to shop and eat like a local, then you should definitely check out the many outdoor farmer’s markets around town. There you will find the best produce, and you will quickly see what’s in season based on what the vendors are selling. Instead of buying your fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, you should shop at an outdoor market! The quality and typically also the prices will be better.

4. JCU Discounts

Thanks to an initiative by the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship, you can look for John Cabot discounts around Trastevere! Some of the gelaterias, panino shops, and coffee shops will have a JCU or student discount. So keep a look-out for a sign, or ask the waiter if you can get a deal because you are a student. You might need to show your JCU ID, but usually, not before long, many of the businesses in Trastevere will recognize you as a regular and as a local. Check out the Institute for Entrepreneurship on Facebook.

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