3 Ways Students Can Receive Academic Support at JCU

Students at John Cabot University can receive academic support in a number ways. From being able to schedule appointments with professors during their office hours, to having small class sizes that promote discussion and an ease of getting information, JCU creates an environment and provides the resources that students need to succeed.

There are also three tutoring centers on campus that students have access to for extra support in math, writing and foreign languages. These tutoring centers are staffed by faculty, and students can use a simple online booking system to schedule free appointments, to brush up on something they did not fully understand in class or to prepare for an upcoming exam. Read on to learn more!

The Writing Center

The JCU Writing Center aims to help students improve their writing and editing skills to become more effective, confident writers.

No matter the course or the major, they provide support for any type of project, in any discipline, at any level, and are happy to help with any writing questions or queries. The Writing Center does not proofread or correct papers. Instead, they promote a collaborative effort between tutor and tutee that encourages effective writing.

The Math Tutoring Center

The Math Tutoring Center is another important service that JCU provides. The purpose of the Math Tutoring Center is to provide academic support in quantitative subjects to all enrolled students. The goal is to create an open atmosphere of learning for students who would like to improve their skills in mathematics as well as assist students in specific courses at the University (such as mathematics, statistics, economics, and finance). Faculty tutor Prof. Margaret Kneller supervises the Center, which is supported by degree-seeking student tutors.

The Foreign Language Resource Center

The University’s Foreign Language Resource Center’s mission is to provide academic support in Italian, French, Spanish, and German to all students enrolled in foreign languages courses at any level. Their goal is to create an open atmosphere of learning for students who would like to improve their language skills – be it speaking, writing, reading, and listening comprehension. Tutors are all mother tongue or near-native speakers and are selected, trained, and supervised by the Center’s Coordinator.

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