3 Reasons to Enroll in Art and Design Classes at Our University in Rome

You don’t need to be an art history major to benefit from JCU’s new minor! The Fall 2020 semester at John Cabot University will see the introduction of a Minor in Art and Design to our school’s program offerings. Over six courses, including one in drawing, students will develop their competencies in creative practices on various levels, as well as acquire skills such as critical thinking, aesthetic awareness, and problem-solving.

Whether your main area of study is Art History, Philosophy, Marketing, or even Business Administration—a Minor in Art and Design has many upsides that can enrich your educational experience. Here are three reasons art and design classes are ones you should consider taking at JCU.

It’s an Interdisciplinary Minor for Creative Types and Beyond

JCU’s Minor in Art and Design prides itself on being based on experimentation as well as theoretical approaches. As such, it’s a minor that can boost majors in many different disciplines. For example, students in artistic majors such as Communication, Art History, and Humanistic Studies can use the minor to improve their understanding of critical thinking, art practice, and creativity.

Students in various majors can benefit from a Minor in Art and Design

Likewise, majors in subjects like History, Marketing, and International Affairs can learn how to be more creative in their decision-making, production, and overall thought. Students in business-related majors like International Business or Economics and Finance can also find value in this minor, as they can learn how best to have their development strategies allow for greater experimentation, as well as sharpen their project development skills.

The Course Offerings Are Diverse and Exciting

For students wanting to do their Minor in Art and Design, there are several fascinating classes for them to choose from. Although the exact course listings have yet to be published, students can expect them to include fresco painting, video art, drawing, and graphic design. Better yet, students could have the opportunity to learn both in a classroom and onsite, while also getting a crash course in how art and design coalesce with the city of Rome. Given the city’s penchant for art, fashion and culture, where better to do an Art and Design minor than The Eternal City?

The minor combines both in-class and on-site learning

You Develop Various Skills Studying Art and Design in Rome

There are many things you can learn from studying art and design at a university in Rome. For example, taking various types of art classes can help you improve your capacity for idea development, visual thinking, and researching. They can also help you further develop your abilities in project management from the conception phase onward, as well as in making forward-thinking creative decisions. Beyond that, this minor also instructs students with the goal of helping them use various types of media to inspire their own creative practice, as well as to think more imaginatively, gain a greater aesthetic appreciation, learn various creative artistic methods, and learn how to persevere and show resilience.

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