3 Life Lessons You’ll Learn When You Study Abroad in Rome

Going abroad for school can be a crash course in self-growth. Not only can studying abroad immerse you in the experience of a lifetime, but it can teach you many things about yourself, too. Between adapting to a new country to getting around in a city where people speak a different language, you’ll grow and develop whole new aspects of yourself. A study abroad experience can be full of lessons you’ll be glad you learned.

Studying away from home is a journey with many new lessons to learn and new experiences to savor along the way, and ones that can stay with you long after you say goodbye to your semester abroad. Here are some of the most valuable life lessons you can learn during your time spent studying abroad in Rome.

One Major Lesson You Can Learn Is Living in the Moment

Although you’re going abroad to continue your education in a new country, it’s not going to last forever, especially if you’re only doing it for one semester before returning home. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that you should savor every moment of the experience that you can—whether it’s the places you go, the things you see, the friends you make and the activities you take part in. These memories can last you a lifetime, but they can also be fleeting in nature. Knowing this can help you appreciate the present moment more, as who knows when you’ll get to do those things again!

Learning to live in the moment is a major takeaway from studying abroad

When You Study in Rome, You Learn About Perseverance

To go abroad and study at a school such as John Cabot University can be a major life-changing decision. It’s also one that can come with various challenges. Adapting to a new culture, country, language, way of life, and scenery can be overwhelming just by itself. However, doing this can teach you a lot about persevering through adversity, and never giving up when things get difficult. Whether it’s the language barrier, your school workload, or any other aspect of studying abroad, being able to get back on your feet and rise to challenges when you feel like you’re down is a major takeaway from this experience.

Expand Your Worldview and Creativity

Whether you study in Rome or anywhere else during your time abroad, remember that this is a big world we live in. There’s so much to see, do, and learn when you visit an unfamiliar part of the world, and especially when you live in one for months at a time. You’ll meet people from other countries, which can give you a broadened perspective of the world away from your hometown. Studying abroad can also help you improve your capacity for creativity, as it can lead to you visiting historical landmarks, nature, and tourist sites such as museums that show you new sources for your creative inspiration. With that in mind, you can end your study abroad journey being a more creative and open-minded person than you were when it started!

Meeting new people studying abroad can expand your view of the world

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