3 English Movie Theaters in Rome

There is always something to do when you earn your degree in Rome. The city is full of museums, galleries, parks, and piazzas, so you will always be soaking in the culture around you. But sometimes you might want to take a break from all the crowds, sites, and studying. Sometimes you just want to spend the day relaxing! A great way to do that–while still getting out of the house–is to go see a movie with friends. You can go catch an Italian film at many of the cinemas around Rome. If instead you would prefer to watch a movie in English, there are plenty of movie theaters throughout the city that play films in their original language.

Movie Theater in Rome

Here are 3 Italian movie theaters that play films in English (and in original language)

1. Multisala Barberini

Piazza Barberini, 24/26

The Multisala Barberini is a multiplex located in an old, ornate building in Piazza Barberini. They play movies in both Italian and English. If you’re wanting to check out the latest blockbuster film, and you want to see it in its original language, make sure to check that you are going to see the movie in its “Original Version.” That means the movie will be in English with Italian subtitles. They might play the same movie on the same day but dubbed in Italian, so be sure to call or check online before going.

2. Cinema Nuovo Olimpia

Via in Lucina, 16

The Cinema Nuovo Olimpia has a pretty interesting background! Not only is it a modern-day movie theater, but its history goes back way deeper than just modern film and cinema. It is part of a building that was once a palace in the 1400’s. Then, in the nineteenth century, the building was used as a theater, and it became known as Teatro Olimpia. The story could end there, but it gets even more interesting! Throughout the years, they kept finding pieces of the Ara Pacis buried beneath the theater. Finally, the full monument was excavated in the 1930’s. The theater still stands today! What a cool place to go check out a movie this summer. They show films both in Italian and in their original language.

3. Cinema Tibur

Via degli Etruschi, 36

Another great movie theater is the Cinema Tibur, located close to the Termini train station. Although this is a smaller movie theater, it does sometimes have showings of films in English. Be sure to check out their website to catch the most updated schedule.

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