3 Brunch Spots in Rome

Food is a very important aspect of Italian culture. And while it’s wonderful to embrace that culture, and indulge in the delicious Italian cuisine…sometimes you just want to break the rules. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a meal that reminds you of home.

One thing that many American college students miss the most when they earn a bachelor’s degree in Rome, is breakfast. In Italy, we all know that breakfast is pretty light and usually consists of an espresso and a cornetto, the Italian version of a croissant. Sometimes you crave a heavier breakfast, or you want to go all out for a special brunch.


Luckily, Rome is an international city with a wide variety of restaurants, food, drinks, and international cuisine. There are plenty of places available that serve American-style breakfasts!

Here are 3 Brunch Spots in Rome to try:

1. Coromandel

Coromandel is a cozy little restaurant located about a three minute walk from Piazza Navona. It is definitely not your typical Italian restaurant or cafe. It has a very unique atmosphere, giving it an artistic feel. They have a very diverse and wide selection of breakfast/brunch foods on the menu. They offer everything from yogurt parfaits and pancakes to avocado toast and Eggs Benedict! If you come closer to lunch time, try one of their delicious brunch sandwiches, such as the BLT or the salmon bagel. You can also try a selection of specialty smoothies, teas, and coffees.

2. MoMo Republic

Another great brunch place to try is MoMo Republic. Located in the Monteverde neighborhood–a short tram ride from JCU’s Tiber Campus–MoMo Republic is an Italian restaurant with a modern twist. Known for their beautiful villa-style building and unique atmosphere, MoMo hosts one of the best brunches in the city! But at MoMo Republic, brunch is more than just a meal. It is a unique buffet with a spread ranging from Italian and Mediterranean foods to American brunch staples, to intercontinental breakfast and more. All of this is accompanied by live music!

3. Homebaked – Grandma’s Kitchen

Homebaked offers a more “Grandma’s Kitchen” feeling compared to Coromandel and MoMo Republic.  They offer a wonderful taste of America right in the heart of Rome. Homebaked bakes delicious home-made desserts and treats along with bagels, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls–among many other typical American breakfast foods. They also have great sandwiches and wraps, and everything is made from scratch from secret family recipes. But that’s not the best part…Homebaked was started and is run by one of JCU’s very own alumni, Jesse Smeal. So next time you’re craving home-made American goodies, go stop by Homebaked and say hello to Jesse!

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