Top Spots to Watch the Sunset in Rome

It’s no secret that Rome is a gorgeous city. And when you earn your degree here, you will get to know more than just the typical touristy spots found in all of the guide books. You will find your own hidden gems in the city; places you’ll love to visit alone or with friends. Some of these spots will be perfect for reading and taking walks. And some will be great for simply soaking in the world around you while watching a gorgeous Roman sunset unfold.

Here are 3 of the Top Spots to Watch the Sunset in Rome:

1. Gianicolo Hill

Sunset in Rome

Gianicolo Hill is a place that every John Cabot student will come to know and love. It is just a short walk uphill behind the Gianicolo Residence and close to the Guarini campus. The hill is perfect for daydreaming, doing homework, and spending time with friends. But most of all, it is wonderful for watching the sun go down over Rome. As soon as you approach the panorama, you’ll notice a different feeling. You are no longer part of the world below; instead, you are overlooking the beauty of the Eternal City–giving you a whole new experience from above. Gianicolo Hill is a beautiful location, but it still isn’t too overrun by tourists. So you will get to experience this wonderful view surrounded by locals.

2. Vittoriano

Another great place to watch the sunset is on top of the Vittoriano! The Altare della Patria, or The Altar of the Fatherland, is a huge monument that can’t be missed. Most JCU students know it as the “Wedding Cake” building and regularly pass by it throughout the day when they head to the Historical Center from Trastevere. It has become a familiar landmark for students and locals alike. While this building has a beautiful and strong presence on its own, you will sense the power and beauty of Rome on another level when you climb to the top of it! You can climb the stairs for an amazing panoramic view of the city and take in the gorgeous rooftops, ruins, monuments, and picturesque streets, all with a breathtaking sunset in the background. This is definitely one of the best views in all of Rome. You can pay to take the elevator even higher, if you would like to get a view from the very top also!

3. The Orange Garden

Although the Giardino degli Aranci, or the Orange Garden, is a lovely tourist attraction, it still feels a bit secluded and private. While the Vittoriano has a much more urban feel, the Orange Garden is a peaceful garden in one of Rome’s most upscale neighborhoods. After a quick look through the famous “keyhole”, you can head over to the garden for a peaceful stroll under the trees, and, of course, a breathtaking view of the city below. Take a quiet moment for yourself or with your close friends during the evening and watch the sun go down over the Eternal City.

Sunset in Rome

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