A Discussion with Student Government President Carlos Salas Villanueva

The Student Services Office recently caught up with Carlos Salas Villanueva, the President of Student Government at John Cabot University, to ask him a few questions about his involvement with clubs and student life at JCU. He is a current senior from Mexico, studying International Affairs with a minor in Legal Studies. Carlos also works as a Resident Assistant for Housing Residential Life. Here’s what Carlos had to say!

What inspired you to become a team leader?

“I had always been inspired by the possibility of giving a voice to everyone. I believe all students should be represented in the university and included in student life. Also, I have realized that a complete university experience comes along with being involved in extracurricular life. When you are part of an association or club, you learn and grow immensely. Student Government is important, as we not only work as the liaison between the student body and the administration, but we also work to improve the overall experience for JCU students.” 

Carlos Salas VillanuevaHow would you describe your leadership style?

“I like to hear everyone’s opinions and engage all of the members of the team in discussion. I like to challenge myself and the people around me, and I encourage everyone to step out of his or her comfort zone. I am rational, but at the same time, I enjoy developing creative ideas that transform the way we are used to doing things. Moreover, I like to see leadership as something fun that enables personal growth in anyone involved in a particular community.” 

What values are important to you as a leader?

“To me, a leader is someone that listens. A leader is someone that is not afraid of failure or afraid of being corrected by the members of the team. Leaders should be respectful and confident but never afraid of change. I do not like to think that leadership is a skill one achieves after a checklist of qualities. On the contrary, I believe anyone motivated and enthusiastic enough to develop a project is a leader.”  

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