Why Study Political Science at John Cabot University?

When you study abroad in Italy, you have the opportunity to be immersed in a diverse,  multicultural environment with an incredibly rich political history. It makes sense that in the city that birthed modern politics, John Cabot University offers one of the best political science programs out there.

John Cabot University’s political science program is, at its core, a theoretical study of politics from its beginnings to how it affects us in the modern day. You’ll examine the historical implications of politics throughout different ages and cultures, and start to look at how that has contributed to the modern political stage.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an aspiring politician to be interested in or take valuable experiences away from a degree in political science. For example, political science is excellent as a preparation for a graduate degree or for launching a fulfilling career in law or journalism.

As an American English language university in Italy with a vibrant community of students and professors from across the globe, John Cabot University provides an unmatched academic experience in the field of political science. Rome is an important center of diplomacy – the birthplace of the European Union and a global city that is densely populated with numerous UN agencies and international embassies. In addition, Rome’s strategic location at the center of the Mediterranean makes it a good launching pad for learning more not only about Europe, but Africa and the Middle East as well.

Faculty members of the Department of Political and Social Sciences are world renowned in their area of expertise. They hold PhDs and doctorates from some of the most celebrated universities in the United States and Europe. Bringing to the table both innovative academic research and practical experience, professors offer students a uniquely specialized perspective on world affairs and global politics.

Because of its location, the political science program at John Cabot University offers students who study abroad valuable experiences and opportunities that truly don’t exist elsewhere. Students quite regularly take internships at international organizations – including the World Food Program and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, both based in Rome.

Another compelling reason why the political science program at John Cabot University is so celebrated is the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. The Institute offers an annual series of prestigious lectures and seminars that foster an understanding of the issues and challenges that are facing our highly globalized world today. This provides students with the opportunity to meet and interact with prominent public figures, such as journalists, statesmen and policy makers.

With its rich and diverse international character, top-notch research and inspired teaching, it’s no wonder that John Cabot University’s Department of Political Science and International Affairs is one of the most distinguished and celebrated departments of its kind in Europe.

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