Why Study International Business at JCU?

Why Study International Business at JCU, study abroad in Rome, John cabot business majors, American university in Italy, reasons to study business abroadIn today’s increasingly globalized world, economic boundaries are falling and opportunities abound to travel, work and do business between nations. Understanding business from an international perspective is important because it is the reality that even the smallest organizations deal with all the time. With the World Wide Web permitting information to be instantly transmitted throughout the globe, distribution networks and supply chains have never been more interconnected, and markets never more accessible. Immersing yourself in experiences that demonstrate the world’s full cultural diversity is an ideal introduction to skills needed for an international career. Studying international business at John Cabot’s English-speaking university in Italy accomplishes this noble goal, enabling students to gain a world-class education while meeting friends and future business connections from around the world.

Successful enterprises of the future will be dependent on creative solutions and thinking “outside the box.” An education at John Cabot’s unique campus in the Trastevere neighborhood pulls students from their comfort zones, challenging preconceptions every day in the fascinating surroundings of the university in Rome. It is curiosity that provides the motivation for learning about foreign lands, new subjects and fresh ways of thinking.  With students from over 60 different countries, everything we do at JCU is international, encouraging innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our faculty members are successful business people, entrepreneurs and scholars who have prepared for their careers at the world’s most prestigious universities (including U.C. Berkeley, Harvard, London Business School, LUISS, and Oxford). We bring our international experience from a wide range of industries and managerial positions into the classroom, punctuating business theory with real-world, hands-on experience. An average class size of 15 enables us to pursue our student-centered learning philosophy and encourage individual growth and group interaction—the wide variety of teaching methods we use include case studies, simulations, and special projects.

Case in point:  JCU Professor Pietro Paganini, a native of Milan, Italy, strives for an interactive classroom experience, fostering critical thinking in students through games and role playing that represent actual business environments. A founder of two successful consulting firms that advise some of the world’s largest multinationals, Paganini regularly brings case studies and prestigious guest speakers to his classes, offering priceless insights to JCU students.

Choosing to live and study abroad exposes students to international business practices in a way that textbooks alone cannot accurately convey. Students have an abundance of opportunity to travel around Italy, meeting business people and entrepreneurs representing the internationally recognized Italian small and medium enterprise model. All roads lead to Rome, and the close proximity of several different cultures in Europe, Africa and Asia provide an opportunity to understand diverse business best practices, communication norms and negotiation strategies. JCU students are exposed to numerous internship opportunities to apply their knowledge with international organizations.

The International Business program innovatively integrates strategic management principles and techniques in a global context. Talented and motivated students come to JCU from all around the world to expand their horizons, developing a richer conception of cultural complexity and the communication techniques that build bridges between peoples.

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