Why Study International Affairs at John Cabot University?

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It’s a small world after all and getting smaller all the time. Globalization has brought attention to the fascinating interconnectivity of national policies and politics, affecting international trends and relations in economics, culture, communication, and law. And what better place to study International Affairs than in Rome, Italy, which has always been a cultural and political hub, and crossroads for people from across the globe?

The Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs program at John Cabot University provides students with an ideal platform for pursuing future careers or study in:

  • International Institutions (such as the United Nations, the European Union, NATO)
  • Global Development Organizations (such as the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN)
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • Transnational Financial, Business and Law Firms (such as Moody’s, Ernst and Young, Coca Cola)

The program focuses on the institutions and processes by which international affairs are conducted and the forces which influence policy making, allowing students to emerge with a dynamic understanding of contemporary global issues. The emphasis is not only on factors that result in international conflict but also on the instruments of peace.

JCU’s curriculum in International Affairs has traditional strengths in global justice, public policy, European institutions, religion and politics, peace and conflict resolution studies, human rights and global political theory. The International Affairs faculty at John Cabot University features world class scholars who bring relevant, cutting edge research into the classroom.

For anyone considering a possible career with an international dimension, study in Italy with JCU’s International Affairs program is the ideal first step. An International Affairs major with a concentration in economics is an excellent foundation for a career or graduate program in international business or finance.

Students will develop a wide range of valuable abilities through this program, gaining experience each day by being immersed in such a stimulating educational environment. Rome is the Eternal City, a vital European center of business, diplomacy, religion, architecture and art; an ideal location to understand the complexity and beauty of worldly interconnectedness.

The ability to connect global and local issues while being aware of current multicultural affairs is a growing necessity in today’s world. Communication is a multifaceted skill, integrating written, spoken, and body language. Building understanding across different cultures and languages is of increasing importance and the challenges of expressing oneself outside of one’s accustomed comfort zone develops lifelong capabilities for adaptation and interaction useful in daily life and highly prized by potential employers. For this reason, the International Affairs major also includes a foreign language proficiency requirement.

Students at JCU, an American university in Rome have the opportunity to interact with peers, faculty and staff from all over the world, while meeting people from different backgrounds daily. Europe’s transportation systems make it easy to take a weekend trip to numerous surrounding countries and continue to explore the relationships between cultures. Take advantage of one of the most stimulating undergraduate environments in the world to study abroad in Rome, in a true center of international relations.

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