What Can You Do With a Liberal Arts Degree?

Study abroad in Rome, What Can You Do With a Liberal Arts Degree?, There are plenty of reasons why students are drawn to studying abroad – exploring a new culture, studying on a diverse campus, picking up a new language, making friends from around the world – the list of benefits is virtually endless.

Choosing to study abroad in Rome at John Cabot University offers students the added bonus of earning an American liberal arts degree while immersing themselves in one of the world’s most exciting cities. From Classical Studies to International Business, John Cabot U offers a wide range of degree programs and internships, designed to prepare students for success in the globalized marketplace.

But still, when considering their options after high school, some students will wonder: what exactly can I achieve with a liberal arts degree?  Read on to discover how three JCU alumni transformed their liberal arts education into challenging, rewarding careers.

Political Leadership

Students who study political science in Rome or pursue degrees in International Affairs are ideally situated to study global power structures, issues, and events. Birthplace of the European Union and home to three United Nations food organizations, Rome offers politically engaged undergraduates an opportunity to explore international relations within the Mediterranean context.

John Cabot University alumna Eva Paunova is an excellent example of how this rich and diverse learning experience sets the stage for career success. Eva graduated with a degree in International Affairs back in 2008. After an intense 7000km of political campaigning last year, Eva was elected to the European Parliament for Bulgaria at just 28 years old. She says that the opportunity to earn an American degree in Rome gave her the international perspective necessary to secure a leadership role in European politics.

Her positive experiences at JCU have inspired Eva to make universal access to quality education one of her top ambitions as a new MEP.

Arts and Entrepreneurship

John Cabot University alumna Angels Miralda proves that the flexibility of a liberal arts degree opens up a range of professional doors. Like many students who study art history in Italy, Angels saw Rome as a virtual treasure trove of artistic masterpieces. Students here don’t just read about the Sistine Chapel or look up images online – they take field trips to see it in person! Rome is also home to numerous world famous galleries and museums – one of them, the Federica Schiavo Gallery is where Angels got her start as a curator through the JCU internship program.

Angels’ B.A. in Art History earned her acceptance into the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, England where she has begun a Ph.D. in Critical and Historical Studies. Meanwhile, she has also opened an art gallery in London – Lychee One Art Gallery—where she acts as manager and curator. Angels is a perfect example of how a liberal arts education can help transform creativity and intellectual curiosity into inspiring professional success.

Business Development

With degree options in Business Administration and International Business, it’s no surprise that many John Cabot University alumni have pursued entrepreneurial projects after graduation. JCU even has an Institute for Entrepreneurship, which provides training in the fundamentals of best entrepreneurial practices. Educating students in the principals of strategic management, marketing, and the workings of the global marketplace, these programs ensure that graduates are well-equipped to pursue exciting business careers in countries around the world. However, a liberal arts education also emphasizes skills like analysis, creativity, and independent thinking – the ideal foundation for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Armed with degrees in Business Administration, JCU alumni Andrea di Rocco and Guk Kim blazed their own path to success. Andrea became the CEO of the website SOSWordpress—helping clients worldwide create WordPress websites. Guk Kim, also a young CEO, manages his own website and award-winning app called Cibando, which helps travellers and locals find great restaurants in Italy.

Where could a liberal arts degree take you?

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