Unusual Ways to Prepare for Your Finals (when there is no hope left)

In Russia, we have some pre-exam rituals and traditions that are said to be helpful in passing finals. All of the ways, listed below, have absolutely no scientific base. Believe in magic and may the force be with you!

  1. Hold the best student’s hand. Some students believe that the most hard-working students emit positive vibes that can be helpful for passing the exam.et
  2. Do not wash your hair before the final. Students believe that with the grease and dandruff you might also wash your knowledge away!
  3. Do not wear anything new for the final. First of all, the professor might not recognize you and think that you have missed most of the classes. Secondly, some students from the post-Soviet countries even have their “A-shirt” or “A-pants” that bring them good grades!Lucky Socks
  4. Have no time or energy to study? Put your notes or books under the pillow and go to asleep. Some students believe that knowledge might “flow into your head” wsleeping with your book on ith your dreams at night.
  5. Spend as much time as you can in the university. Even if you are not studying, just hang around! These walls have absorbed so much information!
  6. Ask a friend to scold you. Sounds weird, huh? Some people believe that criticism motivates students to do their best on the test.
  7. Do not leave your books open while studying! Information will just “fly away” from you.
  8. Put a nickel in your left boot. There is no explanation; it is supposed to bring luck.

P.S. You can do it! Ryan believes in you.








Do you have any personal good-luck rituals for final exams? Study at John Cabot University!

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Anastasiia Komarova
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Class of 2018
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