Class of 2020 Spotlight: Federica Travaglio-Romeo

Federica Travaglio-Romeo, an Italian-American International Affairs major from Boston, Massachusetts, is an expected graduate of John Cabot University’s Class of 2020. As the oldest of seven children, she was looking forward to having her entire family together in Rome for her commencement, which had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, Federica and her classmates celebrated their commencement in every way possible from a safe social distance, including through videos and via social media. During her recent appearance on Fox News, who interviewed Federica five times about the lockdown in Italy, Federica was even reunited with her family virtually. They wished congratulations to her in Italy, where she is finishing the last of her courses this summer for her bachelor’s degree.

Here’s what Federica has to say about the end of her senior year and the beginning of her post-undergraduate life!

What brought you to John Cabot University – how did you find out about it and why did you decide to study here?

Fate is what ultimately brought me to John Cabot University. I was aimlessly attending a university in Madrid, Spain, with no clear direction of what I wanted to study, where I wanted to study, and what I wanted to accomplish in my undergraduate career. Through a simple google search, my path to John Cabot University began. I applied, was accepted, and packed my bags to start a new chapter in the Eternal City. I never looked back.

How has studying at JCU impacted you personally and professionally?

I can confidently say that my four years at John Cabot University have shaped me not only on a personal level but professionally as well. John Cabot has gifted me with the most amazing friends, colleagues, and professors.

Being such a diverse institution, I was fortunate enough to learn and make connections outside of the classroom that would later aid me in my professional life.

If you could give your freshman self any advice, what would it be?

Not only would I tell my freshman self to stop buying agendas (I recently threw out four planning agendas dating back to 2016 – unused!), but I would also tell myself–or any other incoming freshman–to not be afraid.

Starting university, especially in my case as a transfer student, was at times overwhelming and quite intimidating. Still, I approached my university experience with a head-on attitude, and I learned that almost everyone is in the same boat with the common objective of growing academically.

What’s something you’d like all current and prospective JCU students to know?

All over the world, graduates of the Class of 2020 compelted their studies in such an unprecedented, yet special way. Given the current situation I, like many, experienced amazing opportunities and important events like commencement vanish in the blink of an eye.

However, I can say that while Covid-19 has done a lot of harm in the world, in my own perspective, I have found some silver linings that I would like to share with current and prospective students of JCU: never take anything for granted and live every academic day like it’s your last before it is taken away from you – literally!

Your academic journey is meant to be a roller coaster with ups and downs. Take those downs as lessons and always work towards maneuvering the gears upward! Ad Maiora, JCU!

To find out how to earn your degree or transfer to JCU like Federica did, contact [email protected].

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