Top 5 Reasons to Study International Affairs in Rome

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. International affairs majors are in demand across a wide variety of industries for their understanding of political science, economics, history, and sociology, allowing them a comprehensive view of world events and international business that companies and organizations need to make informed decisions.

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If you hope to make a career in the field of international relations, earning your degree abroad offers you a serious edge over students who remain in their home country. Here are our top five reasons to study international affairs in Rome:

  1. Whether you plan to work in diplomacy, international development, journalism, or government, the majority of jobs that require a degree in international relations also require proficiency in a second language. By earning your bachelor’s degree in Rome, you will easily become proficient in Italian, and in doing so gain a strong base for learning other romance languages.
  2. JCU’s Career Services office connects students with hundreds of internships per semester. By taking advantage of these services, you could graduate from college with multiple internships working in your desired field, from assisting in the US Embassy’s daily operations to drafting policy briefs at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United in Italy, jcu career services, studying international affairs, study abroad in Italy, jcu services
  3. John Cabot University’s Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs not only provides a curriculum with classes across a wide variety of sectors, but also exposes students to diverse classrooms with a wide range of perspectives. Your classmates’ varied experiences and educational backgrounds will teach you to question the way that you see the world, allowing you to become a more analytical thinker with a global outlook on history and international affairs.
  4. Earning your degree at an international university allows you to build a professional network across the globe. JCU’s alumni community represents over 110 countries, and following graduation you will find that your friends and classmates move across the world to study and work. No matter in what country you find yourself following graduation, you will find a tightly-knit community of JCU grads who will help you to settle into your new home and even will help you move forward in your career.
  5. All US and European-based international affairs programs provide a basis in the study of global justice, public policy, religion and politics, peace and conflict resolution studies, human rights and global political theory. Due to JCU’s central European location in Rome, students learn in a unique multicultural context with firsthand exposure to international institutions, organizations and diplomats. Italy is unique in that it is not only the capital of both a political state (Italy) and a transnational religious faith (the Catholic Church), but is also the headquarters of numerous United Nations agencies and hundreds of embassies to Italy, the Holy See, and the Order of Malta.

JCU graduates in international affairs do not simply possess an understanding of global phenomena: they have lived through it firsthand. By earning your degree in Rome, you will become an international relations professional before graduation, and will set yourself apart for a fascinating career contributing to the future of world affairs.

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