Top 5 Reasons to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree Abroad

John Cabot University Rome, Reasons to Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree Abroad, degree seeking students abroad, study abroad experiences,As technology advances, the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place. We can video chat with friends on the other side of the plant, get instantaneous news about current events abroad, and travel far more easily and inexpensively than our parents and grandparents could have ever dreamed. All of these changes not only affect the way that you live your day-to-day life, but they also affect the current job market.

As a millennial, a college degree is not always enough. Employers look for college grads who are creative, flexible, and able to communicate efficiently and effectively with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds. By earning your degree abroad, you quickly learn to be easily adaptable and confront challenges that your peers who remain stateside have never truly experienced.

Here are our top 5 reasons to earn your bachelor’s degree abroad:

  1. Challenge your worldview. Earning your degree abroad will introduce you to classmates, professors, and places that will cause you to question the way you see the world. This will make you allow you to form a deeper understanding of issues relating to other countries, and will make you a critical thinker with the ability to form opinions based on academic and personal experiences you have had while living abroad.
  2. Life-changing friendships. While college friendships are always influential, friendships with students from different countries will truly change you for the better. These friendships will make you realize that although someone may be raised with a different language, nationality, or religion, meaningful connections can be made despite all cultural barriers.
  3. International faculty. Learning from professors who have lived and worked across the world will not only make class discussions more interesting, but will also prepare you for future professional interactions with bosses or clients who have different opinions and expectations about the way work should be done. Studying with professors who may not share your native language, educational background, or traditional values will allow you to become a stronger student and a prepared professional who can thrive in any environment.
  4. Global career network. If you hope to pursue a career that allows you to travel or work in an international environment, there is no better way to prepare for that profession than with an international undergraduate education. JCU’s alumni community spans 110 countries, meaning that you will find a close-knit, supportive JCU community nearly anywhere you go. Studying in another country also allows you to create a global friend network that will absolutely impact your professional life further down the line.
  5. Travel. The opportunity to travel during weekends is more than just a chance to post photos on Instagram to make your family and high school friends jealous. Earning your degree in Europe allows you access to easy and inexpensive travel across the continent, which will make you a savvy traveler who can get by in a country where you don’t speak the language, gracefully survive travel mishaps, and get beneath the surface of travel destinations to truly understand and appreciate different cultures.

There are countless reasons to earn your degree abroad. Current JCU students: what are your top reasons to study in Europe?


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