Studying Communications in Rome? Career Paths After Graduation

Study Communications at a University in Italy, Studying Communications in Rome? Career Paths After Graduation, JCU communications students, career paths for communication majors, study abroad in RomeCommunications is a multi-disciplinary degree that prepares students for careers in a variety of different fields, from journalism to politics. During the course of their studies, students earning a Communications degree develop superior analytical and critical skills as well as the valuable ability to collaborate with others. People skills paired with technical knowledge ensure that students graduate with a solid foundation on which to build a rewarding, challenging career.

With a curriculum that includes classes such as Public Speaking, Writing Across the Media, and Introduction to Digital Video Production, a Communications degree at JCU opens a range of professional doors.

Read on for a closer look at a few popular career paths you might pursue with your Communications degree.

Communications Opportunities in Media and Broadcasting

When students think of a career in Communications, their first thought is usually a job working in media or broadcasting.

Most of us are distracted by the glamour and drama that unfold in front of the camera, and don’t fully appreciate the network of professionals working behind the scenes to make movies, television shows and daily news broadcasts come to life. With their technical training, creative skills, and managerial aptitude, Communications graduates could find their way into one of these exciting media careers:

  • Producer
  • Technical director
  • Casting director
  • Director of broadcasting

If this sounds like the career path for you, consider joining JCU’s Film, Media and Communications Society during your study abroad in Italy. In this club, students develop technical skills like video production and editing, and learn to use software like Photoshop and Final Cut. The club also serves as a great place to collaborate with other Communications students, and start building your own portfolio or film reel.

Career Opportunities in Politics for Communications Grads

In the turbulent field of politics, elected officials come and go – which means that there are always new candidates in need of qualified professionals to help run their campaigns. Communications students who pair their degree with a minor in Political Science will be equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to help manage a bid for election.

Other relevant career paths in the field of politics include:

  • Research specialist
  • Press secretary
  • Speech writer

Students who study abroad in Rome can practise their skills as a campaign director through the John Cabot University Student Government Organization. This student-level government body provides participants with the opportunity to learn first-hand about politics. Come election time, you might even have the chance to help a friend run their campaign!

Career Opportunities in Public Relations for Communications Grads

When a well-known organization gets into hot water, it’s their public relations team that comes to the rescue. Handling bad press is how most of us view a public relations career; however, this is only a small portion of what PR professionals do on a daily basis.

Public relations professionals control the flow of information from an organization or firm to the public. Because information is spread in so many different ways, both on and off-line, public relations professionals must be adept in social media, speech writing, and face-to-face communications.

There’s no better way to prepare for a public relations career than to learn up-close how major organizations function. Students who study abroad in Italy can become involved with some of Rome’s most well-known organizations through internships and volunteer opportunities with JCU clubs such as Grassroots and STAND.

Are you considering attending university in Italy to study Communications? What career path interests you most?


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