Student Spotlight: Thomas Roper-Curzon, Class of 2017

JCU Student Spotlight, Thomas Roper-Curzon, John Cabot Class of 2017, rome, study abroad in ItalyMy name is Thomas Roper-Curzon. I was born in England and grew up around Dorset. After finishing my A levels, I worked for just under two years in the leisure industry, first as a waiter and then a manger of a restaurant. I wanted to travel and explore. I was lucky enough to come across John Cabot, a diverse university with small classes located in the beating heart of Rome.

After visiting many different universities, I found nothing quite like the wonder and excitement of being in Rome at John Cabot University. I now know that I can travel most of the globe by staying in different friends’ houses thanks to meeting them at JCU! I have been acquainted with the rich abundances of cultures of the university’s unique student body.

I love the community feeling you find at JCU, you can form personal relationships with the highly qualified international professors, and with the small classes you can manage to discover free flowing ideas and discussions that create the vibrant learning environment.

I am privileged to be able to study at JCU and at the end of the day I walk home on cobbled streets, through architecture that’s a feast to the eyes in all directions, with the beautiful dynamic Italian culture animated around me.

I have loved being at JCU and I am looking forward to my next couple of years here. I would advise anyone in a heartbeat to come to Rome and benefit, as I have, from John Cabot University.


Thomas Roper-Curzon
Hometown: Dorset, England
Major: Business Administration
Class of 2017

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