Lisa’s Resolutions for 2016

There is an idiom in Chinese: “Dumb birds fly first.” I first heard this from my elementary literature teacher.New Years resolutions, jcu student blog She told me that if you are slower than others, you should start earlier; there is no such thing as a teacher who does not know how to teach, but rather students who do not work hard. I started to really learn English during my second year of high school, when I transferred from an Italian high school to an International school in Hungary.  The most embarrassing moment during that period was that whenever people asked me “How old are you?” my reply was always, “I’m fine, thank you. What about you?” Everybody laughed, and following the crowd, I laughed too. However, I did not give up. I remembered that Chinese idiom, and that was my motivation to keep moving forward and working even harder.

Now, I am a junior here at John Cabot University. Even though my level of English is far behind that of my classmates who are native English speakers, taking courses in English shouldn’t have been a big problem. I had been satisfied with myself for the effort I put into my studies, my work, and my family. However, I am not pleased with myself for the way I did things last year. In 2015, I relaxed in my efforts and obviously, I received unsatisfactory outcomes – lower grades than I could have achieved, less meaningful relationships with friends and family. At the time, I felt as if I had plenty of time, everything could wait… as a result, I wasted all my time puzzling, chatting with friends, and playing with my phone.

Now that it’s 2016, I am ready for a brand new year for a good start! Last winter break, I flew back to Hungary and spent the whole break with my family. In the past, I always thought about myself and did things on my own, and often, I neglected the ones who love and care about me most. As a result, my New Year resolutions for 2016 are:New Years resolutions, jcu student blog

  1. Spend more time with my friends, not just by phone but physically;
  2. Try new experiences and challenges;
  3. Study seriously and use my free time to read and write more;
  4. Put my phone away, so that I can think and learn in a quiet environment that allows me to focus;
  5. Rest well and eat healthier.

Dear friends, I do not know how you feel about yourself for the past year, but there is always more space for improvement! It is your time to find a quiet and cozy place to reflect upon your performance and achievements from 2015: open your diary and grab a pen to write down your personal New Year’s Resolution for 2016. And don’t get too down on yourself if you feel that your performance wasn’t the best, and remember: “Dumb birds can fly first.”

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Lisa Cheng, JCU Class of 2017, Business Administration, China

Lisa Cheng, JCU Class of 2017, Business Administration, China



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