Model UN and International Relations Society: Hands on Experience in International Affairs

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Ambassador luncheon at John Cabot University

Students who pursue degrees in International Affairs in a globally-oriented, culturally diverse university enjoy a range of unique benefits. Double those benefits if the university is located in a historically rich metropolis that hosts prominent institutions and political influencers from all over the world!

At John Cabot University, International Affairs students complement their coursework with extra-curricular clubs like the Model UN and the International Relations Society – and gain practical knowledge from Rome-based professionals who visit JCU to share insights and offer advice.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in politics and international relations, access to clubs and activities like these can prove invaluable for sharpening your career focus and strengthening your professional network.

Read on to find out how the Model UN and International Relations Society help build hands-on experience that is especially unique to students attending an American university in Rome.

International Students Hone Their Problem-Solving Skills at the Model UN

The Model UN at John Cabot U goes beyond the classroom and gives students the chance to develop their ability to negotiate, draft resolutions, and debate key issues currently affecting the world. Every year, JCU students organize the annual Model UN conference that draws in high school students from all across Rome.

During the 2015 Model UN, students debated cyberterrorism and the different ways that states may work together in order to find possible solutions to the risks that it poses to international peace and security.

The 2014 Model UN – which tackled the issue of global food security – was a three-day event attracting forty-five students from across the city. Students debated the issue of food security in the developing world, eventually drafting and passing a resolution by the end of the conference.

The John Cabot University Model United Nations Society also had the unique opportunity to take part in the WorldMUN 2015 conference in Seoul, South Korea in March 2015 with students from 118 countries.

The International Relations Society Gathers Politicians, Ambassadors, and Scholars

Students studying International Affairs in Italy have several exciting career paths to consider, including:

  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • International Development
  • Non-profit Management
  • Market Research Analysis
  • International Business

The International Relations Society helps organize special visits from professionals currently working in these fields, so students can attend guest lectures, ask questions, and start networking with the international community. Forging connections while still in school is a strategic move that helps ensure a smooth transition from academia to the workforce following graduation.

Pizza and Politics Bring Students and Faculty Together

For students who choose to study abroad in Italy, making new friends, exploring local culture, and engaging with coursework all contribute toward an unforgettable experience. That’s why at JCU, the popular and informal Pizza and Politics is a monthly must-do.

Students and faculty come together during this lunchtime series to discuss the latest political developments around the globe. Participants exchange their views on economic and social issues, and enjoy some delicious, authentic Italian pizza at the same time!

Special Events at JCU Focus on International Issues

At JCU, students benefit from numerous opportunities to engage with some of society’s most complex political issues. One such opportunity last fall was the Month of the Middle East, which covered topics ranging from the new Iraqi government to Islam in the West. Throughout the month, John Cabot University hosted six events that brought in key figures such as the Iraqi Ambassador to Italy and the Imam of the Italian Islamic Community.

Studying in this unique educational environment (and action-packed city) is one of the best ways for politically engaged students to build the well-rounded skill set they need to launch exciting careers in international affairs.

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