Meet JCU’s Class of 2013!

John Cabot University celebrated the achievements of our biggest graduating class in history on Monday, May 14 at the Villa Aurelia, a beautiful Roman villa overlooking the city’s historic center.

JCU Class of 2013, study abroad in Rome, students traveling abroad

With 103 students representing the United States, Italy, Ecuador, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, Saudia Arabia, and ten other countries, our graduates are traveling across the world to begin the next chapter of their lives. Our Class of 2013 is commencing graduate school at some of the world’s most prestigious universities, embarking upon highly sought-after internships, and entering the global workforce.

JCU Class of 2013, study abroad in Rome, students traveling abroad

The Class of 2013 was accepted to graduate school at Oxford University, Columbia University, The New School of Social Research, The University of Maastricht, Sotheby’s Institute of Art management, Stockholm University, King’s College, New York University, IED luxury management, The University of Warwick, Lund University, Brand Management, the London School of Economics.  Our graduating class also includes future lawyers, who will be pursuing their degrees at the London School of Economics and the Golden Gate University School of Law.

JCU Class of 2013, study abroad in Rome, students traveling abroad

Others are moving across the world to begin their careers. JCU graduates secured internships at Inventa, Desigual in Barcelona, CRCC Shanghai, NYC Games for Change, AMREF, the Anti-Drug department at the Presidenza del Consiglio, Le Meridien Hotel, and the British School in Rome. Others will begin jobs in Rome at Zara and the FAO, in the United States with GTech, in Geneva with the United Nations, in Switzerland with Tally Weijl Bsk, and in Kazakhstan with with Kazan Federal University.  Several plan to give back to the international community, volunteering for organizations in Israel, the United States, and Europe after leaving JCU.

We are incredibly proud of our graduates and cannot wait to see what they accomplish as the future leaders of their generation.

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