How Liberal Arts Training Gives You an Edge in Business

How Liberal Arts Training Gives You an Edge in Business, jcu business students, study abroad in rome, italy, business majors abroadBefore beginning your pursuit of a liberal arts education—whether you’re planning to study abroad in Italy, or remain close to home— it’s important to understand the unique ways your degree will contribute to your future professional success.

Some people believe that a Liberal Arts degree doesn’t deliver enough “technical” skills to prepare graduates for a competitive marketplace.  But hiring managers across multiple industries tell a different story. They say liberal arts grads have transferrable, essential skills they consistently look for in new hires. Take a look at some of the ways a Liberal Arts degree can help you hone abilities that will move your resume to the top of the stack.


You might think that because you chose to study political science in Italy or pursue a history degree, you’ll never have the skills to snag a leadership position at a prestigious organization or corporation. But the truth is, your liberal arts degree will teach you much of what you need to know about being a manager – even if you don’t quite know it’s happening!

Studying at an American college in Italy provides students with unique opportunities to build superior communication skills – the foundation of an effective managerial style. With their focus on research, analysis, argumentation, and debate, liberal arts programs help students understand the nuances of human communication. Whether they’re crafting a business proposal or leading a board room discussion, liberal arts grads are well known for their attention to detail, sensitivity to diverse view points, and impressive oratory.

Strategic Planning

Every business, organization, and institution relies on effective strategic planning to reach its goals. A strategy helps managers and team members identify points of strength and weakness, understand where to allocate resources, and develop reasonable benchmarks. Liberal arts degrees teach students to think both creatively and analytically. Add the one-two punch of impeccable research and information retrieval skills, and you have an in-demand professional who can dream big without losing sight of practical milestones.


Although liberal arts students are fully capable of working independently, they have particular talents for teamwork and collaboration. Years of lively exchange during classroom discussions will give grads a competitive edge when it comes to conferencing with colleagues or teaming up to complete a work assignment. And of course, as business goes global, understanding how to build relationships and collaborate online is increasingly relevant as a transferrable professional skill.  Hiring managers want employees who can forge bonds with new clients and contacts, even if they live halfway around the world.

By examining broad historical and cultural trends, liberal arts students develop a sensitivity to human interaction and diverse traditions. Businesses and organizations of every shape and size are looking to increase their global reach – and the liberal arts grad is perfectly positioned to build and nurture those new relationships.

Which professional path are you planning to pursue with your Liberal Arts degree?

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