Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills at JCU with the Institute for Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a vital component of the economy, contributing research, development and employment to the world. It is also a valuable personal quality; an ability to take calculated risks with confidence to become self-sufficient and empowered. What better place to appreciate the virtues of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone with assurance than study abroad at an English-speaking university in Italy? John Cabot University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship was established in 2011to provide education and training in entrepreneurial fundamentals while building a strong international network of young leaders.

In pursuit of its mission, the Institute not only provides a wealth of entrepreneurial academic offerings, but also a wide range of events to facilitate networking and exchange among community members, and targeted resources and services, such as workshops, internships, counseling and mentoring. For example, a recent event featured JCU International Affairs graduate Emily Salm, who in partnership with fellow JCU grad Maryann Klucevsek founded Ubumm, a networking and advisory service dedicated to enhancing, simplifying and unifying the study abroad experience.

Upcoming events feature in-class guest speakers from notable companies, an elevator pitch competition, and the Harambe Rome Forum, which will illustrate how entrepreneurship can help meet the needs of marginalized communities across Africa. This latter event will gather innovative leaders from international corporations and humanitarian groups, and young African and Italian social entrepreneurs to promote social change in Africa.

Regularly occurring lectures, seminars and workshops allow students and faculty to gain exposure to successful entrepreneurs and researchers, enabling them to develop their ideas and make useful connections with like-minded individuals. Here are some of our most popular events:

–         The New Products Lab Initiative promotes a culture of new product development, management and entrepreneurship through a hands-on dialogue with real companies, with plentiful internship and career opportunities.

–         The Business Breakfast Series extends this concept but is open to all students and friends of the Institute.

–         Other networking opportunities include First Thursdays, interactive monthly meetings in which members of the Operating Committee congregate to enhance the Institute’s effectiveness.

There are unpaid or for-credit internships offered each semester at the Institute in both Communications and Events Organization, and the Career Services Center offers external internships in start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, where students can hone their skills while experiencing common challenges of an entrepreneur first-hand.

Students develop their knowledge throughout courses with an entrepreneurial focus, including international management, innovation, social networks and media management, finance, and intellectual property law. The unique Minor in Entrepreneurship program allows students the option to tailor course selection according to personal interests to explore starting their own companies. Visiting students who wish to study abroad at JCU may also participate in internship opportunities or combine entrepreneurial courses with their field of interest.

Networking opportunities abound at JCU, with a peer-to-peer international network covering over 50 countries in most sectors. Right at the university in Rome, selected students may become “clients” of students in the Graphic Design class to collaborate on creative, effective solutions to develop their projects. The Institute promotes real entrepreneurial skills, or “realpreneurship”, to combine real people, real ideas and real community.

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