Course Evaluation

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John Cabot University students usually take five courses each semester. As the semester is coming to the end, there is one thing that I like to do at the end of every semester: evaluate what I have learned in each class. The five courses I am taking this semester are Finance, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Drawing-Rome Sketchbook, and Statistics II.

  1. Finance: it was a demanding class, and the professor was strict. However, it really challenged me to work independently both inside and outside the class. As the professor discusses current events related to finance very often, I started to read the news on a daily basis and it is actually enriching my mind in ways well beyond the scope of my finance class.
  2. Organizational Behavior: the professor lectures in a really clear and interesting way. Group projects in this class built up my teamwork skills. I learned about different strategies companies are using, and applied some theories through case studies.
  3. Principles of Marketing: the concept I had about marketing totally changed. It is not just about advertisement, promotion and selling goods; it is about how to establish a relationship with costumers and maintain and grow this relationship. Most of all, I know more about what is going on in the market today.
  4. Drawing-Rome Sketchbook: obviously, it is not a class about business. In this class, we went to different places around Rome to observe different statues and views and try to sketch them the best we could. What I learned is: everything has more than one side, and we all have different perceptions of the same object. It also improved my drawing skills.
  5. Statistics II: I learned why it is important to set up hypothesis tests: to test the relationship between two or more variables. It helped me to better understand and interpret statistical data.

I like to assess what I have learned in each class because it reminds me to practice what I have learned in class in real life. Professors at John Cabot also try to help students to reach that goal. Take a look at JCU’s course offerings and plan the five courses you want to take next semester!


Lisa Cheng Class of 2017 Business Administration Major Hometown: Wenzhou, China

Lisa Cheng
Class of 2017
Business Administration Major
Hometown: Wenzhou, China

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