3 Ways to Know if an English Language University in Italy is Right for You

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Studying abroad can be your gateway to the best jobs, graduate programs and life experiences the world has to offer. It can expand your educational horizons and introduce you to friends from around the world—but how do you know that the choice to study abroad is right for you?

Top international universities in historically and culturally unique countries like Italy await students who are ambitious, adventurous, and seeking to embrace the best education available.

Here are 3 signs that you’re one of them, and that you’re ready to take the leap.

1. You Believe Your Education Should Extend Beyond the Classroom

A modern education is about much more than textbooks and lectures. At an international campus in Italy, you can learn the valuable life lessons in independence and social skills that come from broadening your cultural understanding while exploring a new country.

For example, the campus of John Cabot University (JCU) in the center of Italy’s iconic capital city gives students the chance to experience new customs, language, foods, and social environments.

Along with valuable life experience, international education enriches your studies by giving you firsthand access to important cultural and historical landmarks. Those who study art history in Italy will learn to identify, analyze, and interpret various works of art and architecture from both ancient times and today’s modern world. Attending a university in Rome is an amazing opportunity to see some of these age-old architectural and artistic monuments with your own eyes, like the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and Vatican City.

If you recognize the unrivalled educational opportunities that come from immersive experiences like these, study abroad programs might be right for you.

study abroad in Italy, american universities in rome, international students in rome, john cabot university, choosing a university

Those who study abroad in Italy experience sites that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world

2. Are You a Passionate Leader Ready to Make Change? Study Abroad in Italy!

According to the research firm International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF), “tomorrow’s leaders study overseas today.” The firm’s influential Erasmus study, which was conducted in 2013, found that international educational experiences are key to the creation of today’s most capable leaders and well-rounded global citizens.

ICEF cites “transversal skills” such as curiosity, problem-solving, tolerance, and confidence as important traits students gain from studying abroad. It also shows that study-abroad students display higher values for these traits before their exchange starts. By the time they return, the difference in these values increases by a further 42 percent on average compared with students who did not pursue study abroad terms.

You may recognize some of these traits within yourself already! When you study abroad in Italy, you’ll have opportunities to hone your leadership skills in extra-curricular clubs and international events, along with exciting internship opportunities. For example, at JCU, you’ll be able to attend a Leadership Training Retreat, run for student government, and even help support equality awareness through the university’s Women’s Leadership Initiative.

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Leaders join forces at John Cabot University in Italy

3. Study Abroad in Italy if You Want to Secure Top Graduate Opportunities

“Given our ever-globalizing world economy, we need young people who are genuinely inter-culturally aware,” says professor John Plews of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, who has researched the impact of study-abroad experience on students. “It creates more employable citizens who are better equipped to lead countries in a global economy.”

Various academic and market research studies support this claim, including further research from ICEF. Its 2014 survey of more than 80,000 employers and recent graduates found that within five years of graduation, students who had international experience were 23 percent less likely to be unemployed than their peers who hadn’t studied abroad.

JCU’s own graduate placement record shows how well our study abroad students fare—with acceptance to graduate programs at prestigious schools like Brown, Columbia, and Harvard in the US, as well as Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, and King’s College London in the UK, and many more throughout the world.

Whether you study abroad for a summer session, a year, or more, your time in Rome will add weight to your resume and better position you for career success after graduation.

Are you ready for a study-abroad experience at an English language university in Italy?

Visit John Cabot University to learn more about what we can offer you.

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