Study Abroad for Engineering Students in Rome

RomeTrastevereStudy abroad choices are often limited for engineering students, as the curriculum is often quite rigid and STEM courses from foreign universities do not always transfer. However, in dedication to our mission to help as many Americans as possible have an international college experience, JCU offers engineering courses during our summer sessions.

Our summer engineering courses, including MA 495: Differential EquationsENGR 210: Statics and ENGR 213: Thermodynamics, allow engineering students to experience a summer in Rome without disrupting graduation plans. Our 5-week summer sessions offer a perfect short-term abroad experience: enough time to get to know John Cabot University’s picturesque Roman neighborhood and to gain a deeper understanding of Italian culture without missing semester back at your home university.

John Cabot University is an American university, meaning that our American-accredited courses will transfer back to your university seamlessly. Your federal financial aid is transferable, and JCU Summer Engineering Scholarships of $500 per session are available for eligible engineering majors.

JCU students can use one of many vomitoria to enter the ColosseumRome will truly inspire engineering majors. The ancient Romans achieved incredible engineering accomplishments throughout their vast empire, witnessed by the fact that many of these structures are still standing two thousand years later. Engineers continued to learn from and work in Rome over the centuries, and their houses, palaces, bridges, and parks offer a living museum of engineering and architectural feats through the years.

JCU Classical Studies students get to visit the iconic Pantheon - and can decode its Latin inscription!As an engineering student in Rome, you will learn from professors who have built international careers in your field. If you envision a career that allows you to travel and liaise with foreign colleagues and clients or you are considering pursuing a Master’s degree abroad, your international experience will boost your resume for future graduate schools and employers. Plus, with over 600 students attending Summer I, and over 200 students attending Summer II, and an average class size of 15, you will get to know your diverse classmates and make life-changing friendships that will last long after your summer session ends.

One of the other perks of studying abroad in Europe is undoubtedly the opportunity to travel. JCU’s central location in Rome provides easy access to the rest of the continent, where you will witness different architectural styles and learn from the many impressive engineering feats of the western world.

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