Master the Art of Networking at an American University in Italy

In beautiful Rome, JCU students build lasting friendships and strategic contacts

In beautiful Rome, JCU students build lasting friendships and strategic contacts

Building a fruitful network is about more than collecting Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts. True networking means connecting with people from all walks of life, exchanging information, and developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Recent research shows that a stunning 80% of new jobs are found through networking – which means that students who start nurturing new contacts now, will be better positioned to secure employment and exciting opportunities after graduation.

By choosing to study abroad in Rome, you’re already opening doors to countless new connections and friendships with people from all walks of life. But most students need a few “tips and tricks” in order to truly leverage those opportunities, and begin building a strong contact base.

Read on for some simple strategies you can use to become a master networker while at university in Italy.

Take Advantage of JCU’s Small Class Sizes and Personalized Feel

At John Cabot University, class sizes are kept small so each student is guaranteed access to experienced professors, prestigious guest speakers, and a culturally diverse cohort of classmates.

“The fact that I am enrolled in classes with an average size of fifteen really makes me feel as if my opinion, my experience, and my grades matter, to my professors as well as to my classmates,” explains JCU student Matt De Bari. He says he feels “truly embraced” by the small campus environment.

Students mingle during a community event at John Cabot University.

Students mingle during a community event at John Cabot University.

Personalized learning environments are fertile ground for nurturing new contacts. A few ways to take advantage of your “insider access” include:

  • Bringing meaningful observations and questions to your professors during and after class to build a rapport
  • Introducing yourself to guest lecturers who work in your field of interest
  • Attending plenty of campus events, where you’ll meet a mix of academics and professionals from a range of fields (if you’re shy, bring a friend or two to make initial introductions a bit easier)

Make Time to Socialize While at University in Rome
Top universities in Rome attract applicants from around the globe, so JCU students enjoy many opportunities to build a truly international circle of friends and acquaintances.

“I am in classes with people from Italy, Germany, and Saudi Arabia – just to name a few of the countries represented in the student body,” says Samira Nuru, JCU study abroad student. “Not only have I learned to work in teams with people from different cultures, but I’ve made friends from all over the world.”

Who knows? The student you team up with now could end up being your colleague, help you land a position overseas, or even become your boss!

Make time to connect with your classmates by:

  • joining a student-led club
  • participating in one of JCU’s many volunteering initiatives
  • signing up for one of the Cultural Program’s many trips and activities

Internships Present an Obvious Networking Opportunity

No matter your degree program, you can apply for an internship at John Cabot University. The university has relationships with hundreds of organizations and businesses across Rome, which students can leverage to build real-world experience – and professional connections – in their field of study.

Maintaining a high level of performance and professionalism during your internships, as well as reaching out to and talking with superiors, is an excellent first step to making fruitful industry contacts.

Take Advantage of High Profile Events Happening in & around Italy

Attending university in Italy offers unique access to some very exciting, internationally recognized events.

Let’s say, for example, you’re currently studying or plan to study international affairs in Italy. At JCU, you’ll enjoy opportunities to attend important seminars, summits, and conferences in your field, hosted by multinational organizations – and attended by influential and inspiring leaders.

JCU students attend the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Spain.

JCU students attend the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Spain.

Recent events include:

  • the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Barcelona
  • a world hunger seminar on the JCU campus with visiting Oxfam professionals
  • a night for women’s rights with the Rome-based International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Opportunities for genuine networking are everywhere at JCU. From classroom to campus to the international European stage – seize every chance to learn from and connect with those around you!

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