4 Ways to Meet New People while you Study Abroad in Rome

Two John Cabot University students at the Guarini Campus

Two John Cabot University students at the Guarini Campus

Studying abroad in Italy can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can visit ancient sites, see iconic works of art, and live in a hub of international activity. Studying abroad also gives students the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. John Cabot University welcomes undergraduates from over 70 countries!

But even the most adventurous student may find striking up that first conversation a bit intimidating. That’s why JCU hosts an orientation week to help students settle in, learn about their new campus, and meet other new students just like them.

Missed orientation or want more information about how you can meet like-minded students on campus? Read on to discover the many opportunities JCU students have to get social while exploring new interests and enjoying all that Italy has to offer.

1. Join a Student-led Club to Meet People with Similar Interests

John Cabot University hosts an incredibly diverse selection of student-led clubs. If you’re looking to connect with others on campus, joining an organization is a perfect way to find friends who share your interests. You could join the JCU Film, Media, and Communication Society to learn new Photoshop skills, or make a short movie with other students. Or maybe you’d like to hone your international relations skills with the Model United Nations or the International Relations Society, or visit art galleries in Rome with the Art History Club. From the Women’s Leadership Initiative and Student Government, to the JCU Theater Society – there is truly something for everyone.

2. Trips & Activities can Help you Make Friends While You Study Abroad in Italy

Students who study abroad in Rome are usually great explorers who are excited to discover a new culture and see as many sights as possible during their time in Italy. Why not take advantage of the many trips and activities JCU organizes each month to go on adventures with your new classmates?

You can hike through one of Italy’s many national parks, go on a wine-tasting day trip to Tuscany, or enjoy a weekend at the seaside in Sapri. Or, you might sign up for a cooking class to learn how to make authentic and delicious Italian recipes. Trying new things together is a sure-fire way to bond!

Students learn how to cook fresh pasta and other Italian foods through JCU cooking classes.

Students learn how to cook fresh pasta and other Italian foods through JCU cooking classes.

3. Consider Volunteering While you Study Abroad

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community as well as meet other students. JCU offers many opportunities for students to participate in community service through university-organized events and clubs.

JCU students get involved with the community and clean local parks.

JCU students get involved with the community and clean local parks.

If you want to meet people who share your passion about the environment, then consider joining Grassroots and organize events to build awareness about environmental challenges. You can also volunteer at local soup kitchens, women’s shelters, or centers for people with disabilities while you study abroad in Rome.

4. Small Class Sizes Make it Easy to Build Friendships

Trying to meet new friends in a giant lecture hall can be tricky. Fortunately, John Cabot University encourages students to connect with their professors and peers by keeping class sizes small. The average class size at JCU is only 15 students, which makes for a more personalized learning experience and a warm community feel on campus. You’ll learn names and get to know each other quickly through lively class discussions, group projects, and fun events on campus.

Have insights to share? What do you think is the best way to meet new people while you study abroad in Italy?

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