Study Abroad Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Lee

JenniferIn the fall of 2009 I attended John Cabot University in Rome. Studying at JCU was one of the best academic experiences of my life. My alma mater is Rutgers, a very large university in New Jersey, so coming to a small school like JCU was a radical change. Coming from New Jersey, I appreciated that John Cabot allowed me to meet students from all over the world. I have a multicultural background myself, as my mom is Thai-Chinese and my dad is Korean. During my semester in Rome I met friends that I am still in contact with.

When I began my semester at John Cabot University it was my last year as a Finance major at Rutgers. JenniferAt John Cabot I took advanced business classes to complete the requirements I needed to graduate at my home university. I learned a lot in all of my classes at JCU that were taught in an intimate environment. Professor Pulino in particular, with her vast experience in the business field, challenged us every day, engaging the class in debates and discussions of case studies. Rather than making us learn formulae and equations by heart, Professor Pulino pushed us to think critically. Moreover, the cozy atmosphere of classes at JCU helped us students to get to know each other better.

Now I live and work in New York City as the Director of Economic Development for a car-sharing start-up called Tridpa. My professional career has been greatly influenced by my experience at John Cabot University. If you are looking for great education and a taste of true Italian life, JCU is the school for you.

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