Student Spotlight – Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino: My Experience at JCU? Simply Incredible!

Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino1

My name is Maria Vittoria, I am studying Art History and Entrepreneurship, and I want to pursue a career as a curator in a museum or art gallery. I enrolled two years ago and since then my life and my goals have completely changed.

At JCU students are encouraged to undertake different activities at the same time, and receive the necessary encouragement and support. For example, this makes it possible to work while studying – last semester I took 5 classes and had two internships! Also, the curriculum and class schedule are flexible and can adapt to your needs, interests and to your schedule. To a large extent, you can choose when to take a class.

Thanks to my minor in Entrepreneurship, I am able to learn about Business and Graphic Design, and this helps me cater my degree in Art History towards a specialization in curatorship, which is exactly the area I want to work in.

The Career Services Center is a strategic resource for students. It has taught me how to write a resume and a cover letter. But more importantly, thanks to it I have been able to find prestigious internships such as serving as the Assistant Curator at the British School at Rome, the British Academy here in Rome, which I am doing at the moment.

Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino2

I have recently completed another great internship at an effervescent art gallery. Although they had already filled their quota of interns when I applied, the fact I was coming from JCU made a hit on the gallery owner, and after a great job interview she offered me a position. It has gone so well that she has extended the duration of my internship to six months!

Thank you, JCU, for having given me the resources and the motivation to reach my objectives!

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