Two of the World’s Top 25 Landmarks in Italy! recently released their Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Landmarks in the World. Unsurprisingly, two of these world wonders are located in Italy, and one in Rome.

st-peter-s-basilicaSt. Peter’s Basilica is ranked as the 8th landmark, noting that “You are amazed by the sheer size of the church. So many things to see, such as Michelangelo’s Pieta, one of the most beautiful pieces ever created.” The Basilica was originally built in 324 CE by Constantine the Great, and rebuilt by Bramante under the patronage of Pope Julius II in 1506.  With the involvement of Raphael, Peruzzi, Sangallo, Carlo Maderno, and Michelangelo, the basilica is not only the largest church in Christendom, but is a masterpiece in of itself.

captionThe Siena Cathedral ranks at number 25, and with over one million visitors per year, the cathedral’s importance is unquestionable.  The cathedral was built in medieval times, and visitors are always astounded by its magesty.

Italy is full of wonders, and one could spend a lifetime traveleing throughout the country without having seen it all.  From the ruins of Pompeii to the cliffs of Cinque Terre to the many works of architectural genius orchestrated throughout the country, Italy has so much to see.  John Cabot University’s Student Services office plans inexpensive activities throughout Rome and trips throughout the country for our students, and for those who wish to plan their own trips provide travel guidance and suggestions.

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