10 Italian Gelato Flavors You Must Try

Every time I walk from Tiber to Guarini,I see at least one student eating gelato, no matter what the temperature and the weather are! While some students tend to be conservative in terms of the flavors they choose, I always experiment and try something new! This is a list of the unique gelato flavors you can only find in Italy!

  • bacio – Literally translated as “kiss”, this gelato flavor is named after the famous Perugian chocolate candies. It is a mix of chocolate and hazelnut. You’ll love this if you’re a chocolate fan!bacio
  • castagna – The chestnut flavor is not particularly popular among tourists, but definitely worth trying. This is a perfect flavor for those who prefer mild tastes, rather than an “explosion of flavor”.castagna
  • cannella – This is cinnamon, but it is not super-hot: just a nice, genuine cinnamon flavor. It can be a great combination with other flavors.cannella
  • cannolo siciliano – If you can’t get enough of the delicious Sicilian pastry, it’s time to bring your relationship with it to another level and try Sicilian cannoli-flavored gelato. Simply delicious!Cannoli
  • crema – This is kind of an egg custard flavor, a little bit like vanilla, but not as sweet.crema
  • malaga – If you are a raisin person, this is your dream come true! Caribbean Rum with raisins- one of my favorites.malaga
  • puffo – My brother’s favorite! “Puffo” is the Italian word for “Smurf”. If you are not scared of coloring your tongue blue, go ahead and try it! Its taste reminds me of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.puffo
  • riso – Don’t worry – it is more like a sweet rice pudding or Rice Krispies. Can be mixed with almost any other flavor.riso
  • zabaione – Based on the Italian dessert of the same name, it is made with egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine or cognac.zabaione
  • zuppa inglese – Literally translated as “English soup,” it’s named after the popular Italian dessert. In English-speaking countries it is called a “trifle.” It’s a custardy flavored base with spongy pink cake pieces and a splash of sweet wine.zuppa inglese


Buon appetito!

What are you favorite gelato flavors? Try delicious Italian desserts while studying in John Cabot University!

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