John Cabot University Cultural Activities: Weekend Trip to Campania

Campania is a region known for its charming, welcoming people and delicious food. Forty John Cabot University students spent the weekend of October 7-9, 2016, exploring this region and tasting its delicacies. This is just one of the many trips organized each semester by Student Services.

The first stop on our tour was Pompeii, famous for being excellently preserved for centuries under layers14543814_850917895044922_3712453283367032432_o of ash from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide, Tiziana, led us through the streets of Pompeii to see some of the famous sites of the city, including Pompeii’s main square or Foro di Pompei, and the well-preserved Roman amphitheater.

After the tour, the students had a chance to wander the streets of Pompeii or stop at a local restaurant for some authentic Neapolitan pizza before departing for the hotel in Sorrento. The students spent the afternoon exploring Sorrento on their own.

Saturday morning we got an early start and headed to the 14711230_850917938378251_8337703256033159974_oisland of Capri, only a 30-minute ferry ride from Sorrento. We enjoyed a tour around the island by boat together before separating for free time. The students were free to take the funicular or bus from Marina Grande to Capri to wander the picturesque streets and do some shopping. Some even took the chair lift to the highest point in Anacapri to enjoy the spectacular view.14567420_850918011711577_4950906727455770899_o

On our final day in Campania, we saw the largest royal palace in the world, Reggia di Caserta, located about half an hour north of Naples. The palace offers a luxurious example of how royalty lived in the 18th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace boasts extensive grounds, and after our tour, we were able to wander the gardens on foot, rent a bike, or hire a carriage ride. Students were free for the afternoon to taste local products like mozzarella di bufala and more Neapolitan pizza (it never gets old) before returning to Rome.

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