College Life from an Office Desk: Job Opportunities at JCU

Job Opportunities

I had no previous working experience when I joined the John Cabot community. As an Italian who attended an Italian Liceo, this seemed completely normal before arriving at JCU. In fact, in Italy, unlike the US, high school students typically do not work while studying, since the school load is pretty heavy in itself. After completing my first year at JCU, I applied for a job in the Admissions office, whose work I began to know when I became part of the Campus Ambassador program in Spring 2014.

At JCU there are many on-campus job opportunities students can apply for depending on their inclinations: bookworms can work in the library, helping other students find the resources they need and cataloging books; IT geeks can apply for a job in one of John Cabot’s computer labs; and aspiring teachers can improve their teaching skills in the tutoring labs.

I personally chose to work with the Admissions department because I wished to be able to write, interact with people, and contribute my own original content and ideas to ongoing projects while learning and improving skills that would help me for my future career in the Communications field. Some of my duties in this office include preparing information for prospective students, reviewing the university’s catalogs and brochures, and giving tours of our campuses to prospective students who wish to visit the university.

John Cabot offers two different Student Employment options. The Financial Aid Work Study program offers positions to students who demonstrate financial need the ability to simultaneously work and study, and allows students to work up to 10 or 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Students may also work through the Student Assistant program, which allows students to work not only for the whole duration of the semester but also during the summer sessions, as I am now doing during summer session I.

JCU’s Career Service Center encourages students to visit them as soon as possible during their academic career and helps students to build their resumes by helping them secure internships with many of Rome’s most famous companies and organizations, including FAO, UNICEF, and the US Embassy in Rome. Internships can also be done for credit, and depending on the company’s needs and the student’s schedule he or she can work part-time or full-time.

I believe that to have a job while attending college is one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences in one’s life. While working for JCU, you will learn how to become a successful worker, both learning independently and as part of a team. JCU’s student employment program will not only provide you with an introduction to the workforce, experience for your resume, and extra pocket money, but will also help you to better understand the importance of lasting values such as reliability, responsibility, and independence.

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