Resident Assistant Spotlight: Marta Canigiula, JCU ’14

In the Fall of 2013 I had my misgivings about moving into the Viale Trastevere residence. I had already experienced living in a dorm at my previous university and did not want to live through another semester with an overbearing Residential Assistant. However, I was pleasantly surprised during move in week when I met the RAs that would be living in the building with me that semester. They were all friendly, informative, and social.

Viale Trastevere  Street view

After having a delightful semester living in the residence, I was curious what the RAs thought about their experience living with a herd of rambunctious study abroad and degree seeking students. I talked with Marta Canigiula, a third year degree seeking student from Sicily, and one of John Cabot’s finest RAs. When asked about how her experience has gone so far, Marta told me “I have had so much fun and met wonderful people. You also work in a team with other RAs who become like family – I feel at home as an RA. Also, for the first time I could experience American culture. I love you guys!”

Marta with some of the Fall 2013 Viale Trastevere residents

However, life as an RA is not just fun and games. Particularly in residence that is predominately occupied by study abroad students. Marta noted that the negative aspects of being an RA are the inevitable list of responsibilities, having to enforce rules from time to time, and having  to say goodbye to a group of people you have become close with at the end of each semester.

JCU has two main residences: The Gianicolo Residence and the Viale Trastevere apartments. Marta feels that the Gianicolo apartments are “cuter and more comfy,” but she likes that the Viale Trastevere apartments are close to grocery stores, a pharmacy, salons, shops, pubs, and the train station. When asked to choose, Marta stayed loyal to her residence hall, “Viale di Trastevere! We are the best!”





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