The Mystery of the Sky

A friend of mine told me a story: there was a father in a house watching his five-year-old son coloring a picture of the sky, a house, and a flower. The son started with a yellow pencil and colored the house yellow. Then he took a green pencil and pondered for a second. After looking at the whole picture, he started to color the sky green. At this moment, his father stopped him and told him that he had picked the wrong color and the sky should be blue.

The son was not wrong; he was just creative and had a different perspective on the picture than his father.

Have you ever walked alone on the streets, feeling that your mood is becoming more positive or negative? I have been living in Rome for almost two years. To tell you the truth, I am not really used to the pace of life here in Rome: I am like a slow rhythm piece of music and don’t like to move too fast. However, there is one thing that I really love about Rome – the sky.

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In Rome, you will get the chance to observe and enjoy all kinds of skies – from blue to gray to pink. I like the sky because it is boundless; it is not limited. I live by myself here in Rome, and often I miss my family and get burnt out with my schoolwork. Sometimes, I feel that I am alone and that I am the dumb one studying so hard for nothing. Sometimes I get discouraged and want to give up. But when I look up into the sky, it tells me that no matter where I am and what I do, I am not alone. Under the same sky, your parents and your siblings are working hard with you; you are not alone.

Also, the sky does not stay the same forever; it changes from day to day, and from night to night. It is like our emotions and our moods: they are not always perfect and not always positive, but it is part of us. The sun in the sky shines and brightens the world, but when the rain comes, it also moistens the earth. I can be excited about my classes, and I can be disappointed with my performance, but life keeps on going. The sky will not stop being blue just because you do not like the color blue, or turn into blues just because you like the color. It is the variability that makes the sky what it is.

It is the same for us as individuals. Each one of us is unique and we should not feel that we must do what others do. We each have our own way of living and we should accept our personalities and keep on moving forward and growing. Try to lift your face and look upon the sky for a couple of minutes. Then, try to close your eyes and take a deep breath and listen to the sounds around you. Everything is different and people are different. We are meant to be different so we can learn from each other and grow together.


Lisa Cheng Class of 2017 Business Administration Major Hometown: Wenzhou, China

Lisa Cheng
Class of 2017
Business Administration Major
Hometown: Wenzhou, China


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