Meet Your Admissions Counselor: Sofia Martuscelli

Born and raised in Rome, I have always felt like a citizen of the world. When I was a child my main desire was to be able to communicate with everyone in the world, so I wanted to learn every single language spoken. I felt I could learn much more from people from a different country, with a different culture and perspective on the world.

That desire was what brought me to John Cabot University.

After five years of liceo classico in the EUR area, I realized I wanted to start a completely new education path. I already knew about John Cabot since I participated in the summer camp for Italian high school students in my fourth year of high school. The idea of studying in a multicultural and diverse environment was thrilling and exciting. I really wanted to use case studies to learn and have a pragmatic approach to the world. I had no doubts when I applied to John Cabot as a Communications major; it seemed like a perfect combination of my analytical and creative skills.

My life at John Cabot was rich and exciting. I also had the chance to fully experience Student Life, being an Orientation Leader and founder of the JCU Theatre Society.

After graduating in 2014, I was selected as Immigration and Student Services intern, where I had my first relevant professional experience inside the University.

In September 2015, I moved to Milan for my Master’s program in Corporate Communication, which I chose so I could refine my communication and professional skills. This led me into the marketing world.

In fall 2016 I was back in Rome, having graduated from my Master’s. I was ready to apply my newly acquired skills to a real work environment. Applying to John Cabot was sort of an obvious choice for me. When I was selected as Italian Admissions Counselor, I was beyond happy and excited to be back in my alma mater in this new role.

Recruiting at fairs around Italy, working with families, organizing Open Days, meeting students from different regions of Italy with different stories and backgrounds – this has become my new incredible reality. But being an Admissions Counselor is much more than that. Learning about students’ experiences and lives, and helping them find their place at John Cabot – a University that gave me so much personally – really enrich me every day. I believe that being an Admissions Counselor makes me truly live the JCU motto “Explorando Excello”; through new people, I discover new realities and I learn more about the world and myself.

Sofia Martuscelli
Sofia Martuscelli
Italian Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Class of 2014

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