Meet Your Admissions Counselor: Elaine Barreto

Nature is perfection. This has been my mantra as long as I remember. It has allowed me to accept all that is, and all that is not, and the constant changing patterns of both.

When I graduated from university in my little state in Goa, India, I chose to do a 6-month experience in an international school in Loppiano, a town near Florence. This was the shifting moment of my life. In the housing where I stayed, we were 40 women representing 32 nationalities. I was madly in love with this diversity and the charm of having a different person with a completely different story everywhere I turned. I learned the currency of places I didn’t know existed, to sing “happy birthday” in several different languages, and lots of other quirky and eye-opening perspectives that charmed me about this very diverse world we live in. My biggest insight, though, was the facets and value of two words which this experience amplified for me: attitude and relationship.

After my experience in Italy, I went back to India, where I moved to Mumbai and found a job in the media industry where I worked for seven years. I loved my job, and there I learned the value of having a positive attitude and truly respecting each other person I came into contact with.

Two years ago I met my husband, who was in the midst of completing his thesis which was based on – you guessed it – “relationships” (within a society, a household, political structures, etc).  That, coupled with discovering his sincere and thoughtful personality, was enough to seal the deal! I moved to Rome with my husband to start a brand-new life in a country I already knew I loved.

Starting from the walls of my own home filled with diversity (four nationalities between the two of us) and then continuing to my workplace at John Cabot University, with colleagues and students from all over the world, the learning continues….

When I think of John Cabot, I think of a giant pot with something very colorful and full of flavor cooking. To me it’s the global recipe for education, where there is an opportunity everywhere you look and students are asked to open their minds and participate. I had the opportunity to meet the author whose book helped me ten years ago (and chat with him about it) at a reading on campus, and that experience gave me goosebumps! I attended a seminar on the ‘Racial Power of Humor’ hosted by JCU, which opened my eyes and helped me understand various societies better.

Being in an international environment where openness is the connecting factor, living in Rome with my kind and wise husband, and getting to work with students who are passionate about being the best versions of themselves, my mantra is confirmed- nature is perfection!

Elaine Barreto
Elaine Baretto
International Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Goa, India

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